End-to-end public safety software development

We use the optimal combination of computer vision, video analytics, and ML techs to ensure public safety across:

Police and law enforcement

  • Citizen threat score calculation
  • Proactive forensic search
  • Immigration control

Fire and EMS

  • Fire and smoke detection
  • Proactive public health emergency management
  • GIS-enabled community risk monitoring

Urban surveillance

  • Smart traffic and pedestrian monitoring
  • Infrastructure security management
  • Real-time vandalism detection
  • Event venue security and crowd control

Home surveillance

  • Unauthorized access detection
  • Intruder recognition and classification
  • Smart remote controls
  • Configurable real-time mobile alerts

Addressing your business challenges

Enhancing public safety

Leverage our computer vision expertise for non-intrusive real-time monitoring. Easily detect suspicious individuals, abnormal behavior, vandalism, disaster, and other threats to make the public square a safer place.

Slashing investigation time

Use our cross-domain knowledge to build reliable forensic video solutions. Turn the previously unusable images into hard evidence and easily process it in the critical time period after a crime has been committed.

Eliminating risks

We have the expertise to determine the right automation-vs-manual supervision ratio to ensure 100% accuracy in security-critical settings. Leverage our know-how to rule out risks such as false positives, personally identifiable information leaks, redaction failures, and more.

Automating business processes

Tap into video analytics to perform one- and two-factor authentication. Quickly and accurately recognize individuals entering secure or controlled areas to automate access control, while preventing excessive queues.

Unlock the power of CV-fueled public safety solutions

Build a turnkey security system

A leading public safety software development company, we are ready to take up the challenge of any scope and complexity. Drop us a line, and a security expert will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss the details.

Our computer vision capabilities

From comprehensive face recognition and person attributes identification to unsupervised anomaly detection and audio environment analysis, we’ve got your covered.

Advanced face recognition

  • Real-time face recognition, identification, verification, and tracking
  • Face images comparison against a database of persons of interest
  • Multi-stage face detection to enhance discovery capabilities under challenging conditions
  • Sophisticated head pose correction for frontal face image generation
  • Accurate face spoofing and morphing detection
  • Advanced face image post-processing

Precise person attributes detection

  • Accurate gender and age group detection regardless of clothing and context
  • Detection of hairstyles, sunglasses, hats, and more
  • Recognition of face landmarks such as eye color, eyebrow types, nose tip, etc.
  • Comprehensive audio-visual emotion recognition

Vehicle detection and identification

  • Recognition of various vehicle types including cars, bicycles, scooters, ships, and more
  • Vehicle location detection and tracking
  • License plate recognition with high-accuracy OCR
  • Abnormal driving behavior detection
  • Illicitly parked vehicle monitoring
  • Comprehensive traffic analysis

Object detection and tracking

  • High-precision identification and tracking of both static and moving objects
  • Accurate object tracking despite occlusions, deformation, and complex interactions
  • Detection and tracking of abandoned objects and their owners, including crowded scenes
  • Sophisticated weapons recognition
  • Audio environment analysis (gunshot and explosion detection, etc.)
  • Comprehensive object profile creation

Abnormal behavior detection

  • Pose estimation and activity analysis
  • Dominant and rare behavior mapping
  • Behavior analysis to identify loitering, intrusion, object abandonment, turnstile cheating, etc.
  • Crowd density and flow analysis
  • Identification of violence such as pushing, hitting, kicking, and more
  • Threat and gun violence capture
  • 100% unsupervised anomaly detection

How we stand out

Unmatched accuracy

Unmatched accuracy

  • Image enhancement algorithms that remove background noise and improve matching
  • Accurate analysis of highly compressed surveillance videos and images
  • Examining images with resolutions down to 24 pixels between the eyes
  • The optimal balance of automation and manual efforts to ensure 100% accuracy while eliminating false positives and other risks
Blazing-fast performance

Blazing-fast performance

  • As fast as 1 ms per frame FHD video processing
  • Highly performant object detection and tracking from an unlimited number of cameras
  • Sifting through a database of millions of faces to identify a person in real time
  • Performance-vs-accuracy optimization to maximize efficiency without compromising quality
Under any conditions

Under any conditions

  • Dealing with occlusions and moving objects
  • Cutting-edge object identification with shaky camera footage and motion blur
  • Reliable operation despite poor lighting
  • High accuracy under adverse weather conditions
  • Accurate detection and identification at various pose and face angles
  • Efficient object tracking in crowded places
  • High precision despite varying facial expressions and aging

Profound ML know-how

  • Representation learning
  • Zero-shot learning
  • Meta-learning
  • Deep reinforcement learning
  • Active learning
  • Incremental learning
  • Manifold learning
  • Multi-task learning
  • End-to-end memory networks
  • Neural Turing machine
  • Bayesian program learning
  • Probabilistic programming
  • Relational reasoning
  • Automated machine learning
  • Conditional generation
  • Matching networks
  • Prototypical networks
  • Adaptive neural networks
  • Statistical learning theory
  • Analytical learning theory
  • Interaction networks

Comprehensive tech stack

Python • C, C++ • WebAssembly • OpenCV • Unity • CUDA • TensorFlow, TensorFlow Lite • PyTorch • Theano • Keras • Caffe, Caffe2 • Core ML • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit • Google Cloud AI • Amazon Machine Learning • Azure Machine Learning