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If you’re sick and tired of guessing what your customers want, puzzled with their feedback from time to time, or just being buried under tons of unstructured data, we won’t let you get frustrated by solely intuitive decisions.

Turn texts into valuable insights, like our clients do.

What are the goals achieved with our text analytics services?

Wonder about the powers of text analytics software and speech-to-text or text-to-speech implementation? Look at the challenges they meet and the typical tasks they help to tackle.

Text recognition

Top-3 questions to answer with Oxagile’s OCR expertise and experience with both real-time and synthetic data:

  • How to turn exhausting invoice processing into an easy, automated process, saving days of manual work?
  • With a busy traffic, can we quickly detect traffic offenders, overspeeding vehicles, or car accidents?
  • Tons of handwritten advertisements are available — is there an easy way to get the insights for generating a winning sales strategy?


Top-3 questions to answer with Oxagile’s speech-to-text development services:

  • While the number of remote meetings is beating all records, what’s the way to generate quick follow-ups?
  • As online streaming conquers the continents, is there a chance digital subtitles keep up with multi-language video content?
  • What are the must-have features of AI assistants to cause only positive customer impressions during the interaction?


Top-3 questions to answer with custom text-to-speech solution development:

  • How to boost learner engagement, adding more entertainment to an e-learning platform?
  • Is there a way to positively transform banking experience for all customers with reading difficulties?
  • What are the scenarios to maximize the audience reach with interactive program guides?

Top 10 tasks

Look at some of the most popular tasks resolved by text analytics software:

  • Document recognition
  • Contact data extraction
  • Text recognition aid for visually impaired
  • Automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR)
  • House number and traffic sign recognition
  • Speech recognition
  • Optical character recognition for advertising, including handwritten ads
  • Label, logo, and landmark recognition
  • Making PDF texts searchable
  • Converting images into editable text documents

We apply text analytics solutions for


Powerful branding

Are negative reviews becoming a frequent practice? Text analytics solutions will be your companions to turn negativity into positive feedback. The thorough NLP analysis of customer voice gives clues on how to enhance products or services and generate winning marketing campaigns.


Winning strategy

You always want to know your audience better, not out of curiosity — the comprehensive pictures of their wants and needs favor more efficient marketing campaigns. Text analytics techniques have a power to spy on your competitors’ sales strategies to drive yours better.


Better engagement

How to inspire students to learn or viewers to absorb content? Interactive experience matters, offering attractive ways to communicate with devices, learning platforms, or set-top box applications. That’s where speech-to-text and text-to-speech solutions catch the attention of the most demanding audience.


Utmost automation

Losing days on manual data processing? Time to involve text recognition algorithms and turn handwriting or unreadable scans into digitized data.
Do customer service representatives waste a bunch of time on repetitive explanations? Text-to-speech software automates handling customer requests without losing the quality of service.

What insights will you get with text analytics solutions?

Talk to our text analytics team and find out how to win more customers and generate marketing strategies doomed to success.

Text analytics software development tools

Oxagile’s machine learning and deep learning specialists are always chasing state-of-the art tools and frameworks for each specific text analytics task.

DL frameworks

Tensorflow • PyTorch • Core ML • MXNet • Caffe2 • Chainer • Theano • Sonnet • Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit


Kurento’s computer vision module • NVIDIA DeepStream SDK • TensorRT • GStreamer


Google Cloud AI • Amazon Machine Learning • Azure Machine Learning


Server • Desktop • Edge devices • Cloud • Mobile • Tablet

Why choose Oxagile as your text analytics software developer?

R&D approach

Has a new text-to-speech tool appeared? It immediately falls into the hands of Oxagile’s R&D specialists. If the tech shows its worth on internal projects, we involve it to effectively address your issue.

Online video pro

Years-long experience in video streaming combined with text analytics competencies helps us deliver CV solutions across a variety of business verticals including media, adtech, banking, and healthcare.

ISO 27001 certified

Your data is safe. Being an ISO 27001-certified software development company, we carefully focus on maintaining the highest corporate information security standards and protecting your data from security threats.

Ready for a short intro talk to our text analytics team?

Let us know when you’re willing to learn more about the ways to extract high-value information from texts.

Meet other dimensions of our computer vision experience

Image recognition services

Want to get to the bottom of customers’ wants and needs, measuring their sincere emotions?
Is the next level of threat detection needed, which could be provided by accurate object and face analysis?
Care about your brand safety and make all efforts to detect anomalies, plagiarism, and any type of ‘risky content’?
Our computer vision team can deliver a custom image recognition solution or integrate third-party platforms into your business to address these and other challenges.

Video analytics services

  • Online exam proctoring
  • Intrusion prevention
  • Store heat mapping
  • Traffic incident detection

What unites these cases? Driven by intelligent video analytics solutions we build, they are prone to success.

Face detection and person identification software

Tracking suspicious individuals, absent-minded students, and emotional response is accelerated by our custom facial recognition software. We apply the latest facial recognition tech for the sake of:

  • Efficient disease diagnostics
  • Ensuring public safety
  • Stepping up marketing campaigns
  • Checking exams and audits for compliance with regulatory standards

Biometric solutions

If manual employee time tracking requires much time and has a bunch of processing gaps or all employees have access to sensitive systems, biometric software solutions foster security and attendance control.

Don’t be afraid of confidential data leakage or insufficient workplace safety — we’re ready to unveil all advantages of biometric software.

Object detection and recognition expertise

Ensure public safety or empower proctoring solutions with attention control, using our object detection competencies:

  • Real-time object tracking
  • Horizontal and vertical edge detection
  • Gender and age detection
  • Body temperature determination
  • Pose and motion analysis

Explore our text analytics solutions and projects

Take a look at how healthcare, media, and sport organizations applied our computer vision expertise to turn their open questions into profitable answers. Have your own challenge in mind? Please feel free to reach out.