Team up with a top-tier IT consulting company

We offer full-cycle information technology consulting services to address the most daunting business challenges. From modernizing IT strategies to upgrading legacy systems to recovering software projects, we’ve got you covered all the way.

Digital transformation consulting

Our experienced IT consulting team knows how to take your business to the next level. We advise new business process automation approaches as well as groundbreaking techs and frameworks to accelerate your digital transformation.

Extensive business case analysis

We’ll get into the ins and outs of your business to proactively identify the most critical needs. If necessary, we’ll also allocate experts for on-site visits. By performing a thorough analysis of your existing processes and systems, we will help identify innovative ways to gain maximum business value, while ensuring business continuity and advanced risk management.

Innovation that drives business growth

With decades of experience in business analysis and software engineering, our go-ahead R&D department has helped to successfully complete over 40 software endeavors. Our experts constantly work on internal projects to try out new techs, trends, and approaches, and then implement these ready-to-use know-hows to effectively solve customer problems, while lowering costs and accelerating time to market.

Enterprise optimization and digitalization

We’re a leading IT consulting firm that has helped a number of tech giants like Google and Discovery Channels address their business needs. Our IT consulting offering runs the gamut from legacy system optimization to workplace digitalization. We’ll help you automate your HR operations, optimize finances, streamline administrative functions, and more — without disrupting existing business processes.

Enhanced customer loyalty and retention

Use our decade-long B2C experience and AI know-hows to improve audience targeting and deliver hyper-personalized products and services. Capitalize on our IT consulting expertise to enhance your customer strategy, launch novel loyalty programs, find new ways of engagement across all channels, and more.

Full-fledged domain consulting

Harness our IT strategy consulting across key business domains to automate workflows, refine customer service, and increase overall productivity.

Online video

Online video

We’ll help you create exceptional viewing experiences across all major operating systems and device screens. Capitalize on our decade-long online video expertise to build impactful live streaming, VoD, and second-screen apps.


Real-time communication

Develop a tailored RTC solution to revamp customer service. Apply the power of video conferencing and chat platforms to drive effective collaboration within your enterprise and enhance employee productivity.


Artificial Intelligence

Looking to develop a trailblazing AI solution? We’ll help you automate and streamline your complex business operations, rapidly detect fraud and anomalies, personalize your service offering, increase conversions, and more.


Digital Advertising

We have the knowledge and skills to supercharge your advertising campaign. Improved ad inventory management, refined audience targeting, increased profit — we implement the latest AI know-hows to deliver this and more.


Cloud Computing

Count on our IT consulting and cloud service offering to develop a custom solution or seamlessly migrate your existing platform into the cloud. Slash infrastructure costs as well as improve the accessibility and visibility of your data scattered across multiple systems and devices.


Internet of Things

Find out how to create a secure IoT ecosystem for effective M2H and M2M communications. We provide full-cycle IoT development services, from hardware and firmware manufacturing to data analytics implementation to end-user app ecosystem development.


EdTech and eLearning

Our experts consult on the latest trends and developments in the educational sphere. Partner up with us to build an eLearning platform that enables universal availability and flexibility, better information retention, and cost reduction.

Big Data

Big data and BI

Leverage our IT consulting services to extract untapped value from the vast amount of data. Experts in data collection, governance, and processing, we’ll help you surface actionable insights for enhanced productivity and streamlined decision-making.

Business-critical solutioning

We consult on all aspects regarding your would-be product, including the manner it’s built and the tools used.

Enterprise-grade architecturing

Whether you need to build a complex software architecture from scratch or revamp your legacy system, our experienced architects have got your back.

  • Software architecture analysis
  • High load, fault-tolerant architectures
  • Software architecture redesign
  • Comprehensive cloud consulting
  • Architecture and design consulting (monolithic, microservices-based, domain-driven, and more)

Robust security

Partner with us to implement advanced fraud detection and prevention, comprehensive risk management, and more.

  • End-to-end data encryption
  • Identity and access management
  • Recovery capabilities
  • Security and penetration testing, risk tackling strategies
  • Regulatory compliance, including GDPR, PCI, HIPAA, and other standards

Performance and scalability

With an eye to your further growth, our solution architects consult on the best ways of optimizing your software.

  • Scalability benchmarking
  • Performance engineering
  • Built-in redundancy and dynamic load balancing
  • Standard and multi CDN setups
  • Load, stress, and bandwidth testing

Detailed project scoping

The in-depth analysis of your IT infrastructure and business needs will allow us to prepare a detailed project scope and work breakdown structure. We’ll consult you on:

  • Engagement models
  • Scrum and agile software development methodologies
  • Open source vs. proprietary software dilemma
  • MVP scoping and release timeline
  • Optimal technology stack

Seamless system integration

We’ll help you connect disparate enterprise systems for better data visibility as well as integrate innovation into your business — without disrupting operations.

  • API and custom connector development
  • Database migration and validation
  • Integration testing to ensure data consistency across systems
  • Constant monitoring of integrated assets
  • Compliance with major interoperability standards, such as FHIR, SCORM, and more

TCO optimization

Get the most of our expertise in operational and financial restructuring and business value optimization to achieve the best total cost of ownership.

  • Advanced budget planning
  • Consulting on new revenue streams
  • Resource optimization
  • Risk mitigation
  • Corporate training

IT consulting across key verticals

We are a team of subject-matter experts who are in the loop about the latest innovations and techs in a wide range of industries.



Draw on our deep healthcare expertise and IT consulting services to modernize your practice. We’ll consult you on developing the optimal healthcare software, including EHR, HIE, CDSS, PMS, PACS, mHealth apps, and more. Our HIPAA-compliant, highly interoperable medical solutions will ensure patient data protection, facilitate health information exchange, and accelerate the shift from volume- to value-based care.



We know how to turn your website visitors into shoppers. Our experience in eCommerce development allows us to provide an expert analysis regarding platform and payment gateway choice, system integration, state-of-the-art functionality implementation, and more. Hire us to enhance your online shop with innovative features, including virtual try-ons, ML-powered product search, interactive chatbots, and hyper-personalized purchase recommendations.

Finance & banking

Finance & banking

Since 2005, our highly specialized professionals have been tackling major challenges imposed by the nature of the financial sphere. We build banking and fintech solutions with advanced master data management, fraud detection and recovery capabilities, risk management, and more. This key functionality enables you to secure mission-critical information, rev up financial operations, and deliver a multi-channel customer experience.

Sports and fitness

Sports and fitness

Want to be ahead of the game and clinch more victories? Team up with a go-to sports app development company to digitally transform fan experience, supercharge coaching and training, improve player performance, enhance rehabilitation, as well as streamline administrative and marketing operations.