Full-Cycle Web Portal Development Services for Business and Private Clients

We understand that in web portal development it’s not enough to provide reliable access to data or media content — ease of use and transparent workflows available on any device are equally important.

Ruled by this principle, our team applies the latest technical know-hows to design media-rich, mobile-friendly web portal solutions that help clients translate their business plans into a strong online presence and bring customer interactions to a new level.


Start off your online business on the right foot with a custom web portal that answers your every need and enables the highest possible quality of service. Add complex functionality like document management, scheduling, task management, user management, powerful search tools — and wrap it in a crisp, appealing UI.


Integrate your web portal with third-party services to enable e-payments, promote social sharing, or leverage data from external sources. Remove the barriers between your online business and various internal systems to coordinate operations across sales, client management, HR, business intelligence, and more.


Use Oxagile’s web development expertise to scale your portal’s capabilities, improve fault tolerance and security, create a more robust infrastructure, or migrate from a legacy system with minimal downtime. Make functional enhancements like collaboration tools or content versioning without harming overall performance.

Contact a web development expert to establish a firm foothold for your business where it matters most.

Ensuring User Satisfaction in B2B and B2C

Tried and true solutions for sustainable growth

Media Portals

Media Portals

Oxagile partners with media and entertainment companies to help them deliver responsive web portals that are easy to monetize and maintain. Besides a compelling look-and-feel, the solutions can boast sophisticated asset management, advanced search and filtering, DRM functionality, and seamless CDN integration.

Learning Portals

Learning Portals

Building on our edtech experience, we develop learning portals tailored to the particulars of corporate, non-profit, and individual use. Some of the crucial features include knowledge sharing tools, training progress monitoring, personalized learning paths, mobile access, and multi-tiered course creation.

Self-Service Portals

Self-Service Portals

A self-service portal is a popular way for organizations to establish enduring relations with their customers. By enabling users to procure information and resolve issues on their own, your web portal helps build credibility, broaden the users’ understanding of the product, and bring down service costs.

BI and Reporting Portals

BI and Reporting Portals

Our BI web portals produce mission-critical insights by presenting troves of complex analytical and statistical data in a visual form. Readily accessible even to non-tech users, these BI solutions are interactive and fully customizable to facilitate decision-making for professionals of any industry.

Community Portals

Community Portals

With a community portal, Oxagile can help you create a space for your customers and partners to share ideas and provide feedback using communication and collaboration tools. It’s a goldmine of searchable information useful for audience segmentation, product development, and customer relationship management.

Healthcare Portals

Healthcare Portals

Oxagile is well-positioned to implement its health IT know-hows in healthcare portal development aimed at large providers and smaller practices alike. We pay special attention to designing intuitive user journeys, safeguarding sensitive medical and financial data, and linking your solution with EHR, telehealth, PHM, and other existing systems.

eCommerce Portals

eCommerce Portals

Utilize our 14 years of expertise in building eCommerce platforms to provide a stellar brand experience online. Our scalable eCommerce solutions offer advanced client, inventory, and order management functionality, as well as next-gen AI and AR/VR capabilities like smart chatbots, virtual try-ons, interactive VR store tours, and more.

Sports Portals

Sports Portals

Leverage our expertise in web portal development to create a high-performance sports portal that answers your every need. Excite and engage fans, promote your brand, attract sponsors and supporters, monetize your media content, gather actionable statistics, and more.

Focus on Essential Web Portal Characteristics

Cross-Platform Access

In the era of rapidly increasing mobile usage, it pays off to keep your web portal mobile-friendly. Using our cross-platform experience and a customizable QA automation framework, we can develop and test responsive interfaces that load fast and fit any viewport from regular laptop to Xbox. Mobile-optimized backends allow admins to quickly tweak things on the go if necessary.

Easy Content Management

We understand that simplicity of content management saves you a huge amount of time and effort. This is why we prioritize intuitive, no-nonsense UI and UX design with an ample choice of professional-looking templates, visual controls, WYSIWYG editing, and other tools that enable users to work with content without writing a single line of code.

Effective User Engagement

Daily users are the lifeblood of any web portal, so attracting and keeping their attention is crucial. Every case is different, so we work with you to determine the right set of user engagement features to fit your audience, including social media integration, user-generated content, loyalty programs, and AI-driven content personalization.

Scalability and Performance

As your data increases in volume and your portal becomes more popular with users, performance characteristics come to the forefront. Our specialists are well-versed in creating fault-tolerant, highly available infrastructures that comfortably handle spikes in traffic and keep your service functioning 24/7.

Data Protection and Security

With every portal we build, we apply relevant security measures guided by our best practices and the client’s industry requirements, such as HIPAA or content encryption. In addition, our QA experts run rigorous security and penetration tests before sign-off to flush out any potential vulnerabilities.

Extension Capability

Oxagile delivers high-performance APIs to enable smooth integration of your web portal with mobile apps, business systems, marketplaces, social media sites, and more. We build APIs with extension capability in mind, allowing your team to seamlessly add custom functionality or logic later.

Next-generation technologies in service of your business

ML Portals

AI-Driven Machine Learning Portals

On their own, even the most accurate predictions from a self-learning algorithm won’t be enough to propel your strategy forward. Our AI-driven web portals allow professionals to visualize and contextualize predictions, turning them into valuable business intelligence. Use it to perfect your service, personalize recommendations, or perfect your workflows.

CV Portals

Computer Vision Portals

Computer vision systems are being implemented everywhere from media platforms to large retailers to police departments. We build user-friendly web portals enriched with specialized pre- and post-processing tools to help your employees leverage sophisticated technologies like face an object recognition with confidence.

IoT Portals

IoT Portals

Our custom IoT portals serve as reliable points of contact between users and their devices, ensuring total control over all data and processes in real time. We pay special attention to industry-specific standards and device capabilities to provide a safe and seamless user experience on any screen of your choice.


Blockchain Portals

For all its novelty, the distributed ledger technology has already proven its ability to address inefficiencies in complex structures. Oxagile creates fully integrated web portals on top of blockchain to unlock its many benefits, such as standardized interactions, end-to-end visibility into transactions, and bulletproof security.

AR/VR Portals

AR and VR Portals

We bring AR and VR experiences to the web to help clients reach a global audience with the 3D content they worked hard to produce. Virtual tours to remote locations, engaging educational segments, sports training, or even PTSD rehabilitation — our web portals can be optimized to support any type of content and reality device.

Explore Our Web Portal Development Projects

Check out the unique business challenges we have solved for the world’s leading companies. Online video, machine learning, big data, business intelligence, IoT, and more — we synergized our multi-year expertise in web portal development services to dive deep into each projects’ specifics and achieve measurable business results.