EdTech by Oxagile: Half a minute for a world of services

In an era where a video is worth a thousand words, why not take a moment to pause and savor a brief yet impactful video? Enjoy 30 seconds of the demo encapsulating the essence of our core EdTech software development services, always ready and waiting for your exploration.

We’re following the EdTech road hand in hand with

Custom eLearning development services we offer our clients

Custom eLearning solutions from scratch

Current system redesign

  • Modernizing an obsolete tech stack
  • Updating UIs and content design
  • Boost system scalability and performance

New feature enrichment

  • Advanced functionality, like collaborative learning, powerful program search, AI identity verification, etc., to win even choosy learners
  • New modules for better engagement in learning, e.g., webinars for web conferencing
  • Integrations with third-party systems to expand an eLearning offering

LMSs and CMSs we are not new to

Contemplating mLearning to gain a bigger audience?

While some EdTech market players are pushing the borders of their web presence, others count on mobile as the primary delivery channel.

Whatever side you take, our mobile expertise paired with custom eLearning services is always at your disposal.

We have a hand in creating a breadth of eLearning software and solutions

Custom LMS

  • Real-time communication capabilities
  • AI-fueled course recommendations
  • Sophisticated BI reporting
  • Smooth integrations with multiple payment gateways

Enterprise learning

  • Large-scale streaming of lectures, conferences, webinars, workshops
  • Extensive libraries with video-on-demand content
  • Videoconferencing supporting large numbers of simultaneous events
  • AR and VR functionality

eLearning portals

  • RTC-enabled videoconferencing and messaging tools
  • Smooth desktop sharing and co-browsing
  • Second-screen features for improved user engagement
  • Support for 360-degree video content


  • Сustom eLearning solutions for mobile
  • Mobile corporate training
  • Language learning apps
  • mLearning solutions for kids


  • Online proctoring platforms
  • Face recognition for student identity verification
  • In-depth emotion analysis
  • Advanced object detection and recognition

Moving closer to innovative eLearning solutions with gamification

  • Enabling comfortable innovation

    Sticking to the user-centered innovation concept, our custom eLearning development company makes every effort, so the users are thrilled with game-based learning instead of neglecting this option, which increases engagement rates.

  • Thinking through the gamification tactics

    This includes the creation and implementation of a well-thought-out gamification strategy as well as the design of all game elements and all the required custom eLearning development services.

Opening new horizons with fresh AI concepts

We’ll turn AI strengths into instant shortcuts to a highly enjoyable educational environment and personalized learning by implementing a variety of features like:

24*7 support with conversational AI

Use educational chatbots to answer students’ questions, pick suitable study resources, give feedback, and even provide personalized coaching.

Automated grading

Evaluate essays, multiple-choice tests, and any kinds of assignments with ML algorithms for greater accuracy, efficiency, and elimination of any unconscious bias.

Smart content creation

Get detailed insights based on student data to create customized educational materials and let students choose the lesson plans and tasks that perfectly align with their requirements and goals.

Building meaningful learning experiences through analytics

Staying in tune with your learners, anticipating their training needs, suggesting courses right on point – all these and other intentions might be a part of your customer experience strategy mapped out by L&D managers. As Oxagile’s big data analytics expertise and effective learning principles complement each other, we’d willingly serve your needs when:

  • Monitoring learning engagement levels
  • Tracking and examining learner behavior
  • Identifying the top most demanded training programs, modules, or custom eLearning solution features
  • Exploring the areas of adjustments, either for the software, methodology, or content part

Augmenting your EdTech offering with excellence in video



Simplifying media asset management workflows with the aim of cutting operational and distribution costs:

  • Orchestrating content workflows, either manually or automatically
  • Transcoding and preparing media for editing and delivery
  • Collaborative cloud editing


Automating ed content syndication paths through standardized APIs providing:

  • Smooth integration with external content ingestion solutions
  • Support for various data and media formats (MRSS, JSON, iTunes)


Spreading educational content across different channels including:

  • Social networks
  • Ed video sharing services, e.g., YouTube
  • Third-party apps and video experience platforms like Vimeo


We know how to support different types of streaming including live, VoD, simulive, and live linear video streaming.



Adding fun and learner engagement perks on top of flawless ed video streaming, like whiteboard animation for education, chatting on the go, polling, live commenting while learning, etc.

What our EdTech clients say


Jonathan Kirschner, Chief Executive Officer, AIIR Consulting LLC:

“Our vision was to create a coaching analytics system where coaching is married to big data. In under 10 months, Oxagile delivered a fully functional system that is currently adding exponentially greater value to our clients.

As a result, we exceeded our business targets and opened a new revenue channel that is pushing the limit on what our field can achieve.

Oxagile’s careful, innovative, tireless, and consistent execution has made them a critical partner to our business and the ongoing success story at AIIR.”

Why leaders in eLearning choose us

Proactive advisors, not mere executors

Our team’s always willing to make suggestions based on our practical experience and domain knowledge to move your project forward.

Combating innovation fatigue

Your custom eLearning solution from our provider might become a perfect mix of user-centered innovations and intuitive actions required from end users.

Guarding your data privacy

We’re implementing security features with a special care, while building software for educational institutions.