What unites these video platform and interactive streaming service providers?

“We’re on different pages with our service subscribers.”

There’s no return on investment in the online video solution’s new features — the more navigation elements we add, the more confused our streaming service consumers seem. Our efforts to stand out with rich functionality are wide of the mark, as it doesn’t resonate with the audience.

“One step behind the rivals, having nothing to surprise the audience.”

As the process of implementing something new usually takes a while, we lag behind the innovation tempo of interactive live streaming competitors. Users come, test our service, but get bored pretty soon due to the lack of exciting interactions, “wow” features, or at least design updates.

“There’s a mismatch between our service package costs and the purchasing power of people.”

Today, saving money is likely to be the primary criterion of video subscription service selection. Our current price offering is definitely losing in this game — it’s getting harder to inspire viewers to stick with your recurrent subscription each new month coming.

“Users aren’t fully enjoying our rich content offering and app killer features.”

Directing all efforts to introduce unique content collections and a bundle of interactive video features, we’re taken aback by the icy response. Are the users left cold by our service opportunities or puzzled with a vast variety of elements?

They all are staying at one and the same point, which is called a high churn rate. Is there a chance to turn personalization efforts in the right direction, thus enhancing the interactive experience of viewers instead of ruining it?

How Oxagile can set media and broadcasting businesses on the right course

We can help you by:

  • Applying our data and AI expertise for thorough audience intelligence (user behavior tracking, identifying their tastes and preferences, gleaning info about what they like and what they don’t, etc.)
  • Providing data segmentation and visualization tools for impactful insights that fuel content personalization strategies and help you always hit the mark with interactive live streaming and VoD offerings

What we have to offer:

  • Personalizing content search and recommendations mechanics with artificial intelligence knowledge
  • Fleshing out UX for efficient content curation strategies and personalization-driven discoverability
  • Introducing value-added platform experience, which includes personalized content libraries and easy-to-understand management on the user side
  • Customizing player navigation to embrace extra info or interactive video on top of fascinating viewing, e.g., season’s best scenes, trailers, or an actor’s filmography
  • Ensuring maximum user convenience across multiple platforms (catch-up, EPG, safe end credits skip, “continue watching”, parental controls)

How we convince budget-minded users:

  • Enable personalized ad-supported streaming experience, adding CSAI/SSAI
  • Micro-segment the audience, so they take advantage of highly relevant ad-supported content instead of losing temper because of infuriating ads
  • Implement various monetization options, including FAST channels, SVOD, AVOD, and Hybrid

How we meet this goal:

  • Design intuitive UIs to let viewers reach any content goal in two clicks
  • Develop UIs tailored for game consoles, Smart TVs, media streaming devices, mobile, and web
  • Implement voice searching
  • Leverage companion devices to minimize the number of actions that a user has to execute

Fear that ultra-personalization and fair prices are mutually exclusive?

We’re ready to debunk these concerns and develop a cost-effective solution for you — with a “build once, deploy across multiple platforms” modular principle in mind. You won’t need to experience either increased TCO or eye-wateringly high maintenance prices.

3 powers of second-screening for impressive viewership growth

Giving a lean-forward TV viewing experience

As today’s audience tends to multitasking, second-screening gives them a chance to consume show-related content or make spontaneous purchases inspired by the ad, while watching their favorites.

Promoting social experience and engagement

Polling, chatting, sports betting, live commenting, or TV show voting make a viewer completely absorbed in the interactive video content through being part of the show and communicating with the audience.

Fostering loyalty through smart navigation and feedback

Extended navigation via mobile devices provides maximum usability, while all suggestions for improving the app are carefully collected as viewers are kindly nudged to share their impressions of using it.