OTT development without barriers

Drive business growth by building custom OTT software

How to turn tough nuts to crack into pieces of cake when it comes to OTT apps?

Despite the diversity of OTT software requests coming from video streaming services, content producers, and video platform providers, Oxagile, an OTT app development company with over 17 years of experience, finds the right track for each client to meet their business goals.

What makes up the top three pressure points, when we’re talking about OTT streaming apps?

“We need to create an OTT app builder to offer a full-fledged service”

On their way to becoming end-to-end streaming software providers, vendors might often stumble over a missing OTT app component. As staying behind competitors and losing potential deals is out of the question, quickly configurable frontend OTT software should join the ranks of their service offerings.

“We’re looking for a custom OTT frontend to stand out”

One-size-fits-all OTT solutions leave the majority of clients cold – instead, they are seeking out the apps like no other to draw the attention of the most demanding audience and stay together with them for long. Oxagile lets video content distributors and software vendors make frontend their prime competitive edge.

“There are devices still not covered by our OTT streaming app”

When a current OTT app builder has certain gaps in the platform coverage, it’s likely to jeopardize the deal with the clients who expect the solution to become a perfect match for mobile, web, TV apps, and streaming devices. That is where Oxagile’s team comes into play and blurs the lines between OTT components and manifold platforms.

A real OTT app development case meeting all the above challenges at once

  • Modular OTT app builder
  • Multi-platform reach to embrace the maximum number of streaming service subscribers
  • OTT apps for TV, web, mobile, and STBs
  • Flexible frontend configurations
  • All needed functionality to meet viewer needs

This is about a frontend OTT solution delivered for a global telco group.

Our OTT development expertise at a glance

Comprehensive OTT app development is only a tiny part of the services Oxagile delivers. Our decades-long customization, integration, and innovation enablement expertise in the video domain can become a foundation of your fully-featured video streaming ecosystem.

Offering our OTT platform development expertise stretching across

Second screening

  • Content-related info about actors, characters, teams, and sportsmen
  • Interactive quizzes, polls, games, and stats
  • T-commerce and cross-selling
  • Comprehensive loyalty programs

Smart TV

  • Best practices around platform-specific SDKs
  • In-app purchase support
  • Smooth operation through remote controls and connected devices
  • Advanced analytics on user behavior, customer journeys, conversions, and the like

Media streaming devices

  • Roku TV app development
  • Android TV app development
  • Apple TV app development
  • Google Chromecast Smart TV
  • Amazon Fire TV development

Roku apps

  • Full compliance with Roku certification guidelines
  • Intuitive UIs and handy navigation
  • Platform-specific performance optimization or customization
  • Creating resilient architecture
  • Using adaptive streaming tech to enable the optimum viewing experience

Live streaming / VoD

  • Smooth broadcasting for diverse platforms, devices, players, and formats
  • Support for an unlimited number of concurrent viewers
  • Extensive VoD libraries with multiple monetization options
  • Powerful live-to-VoD capabilities
  • Client-side and server-side ad insertion

Partner with the OTT app development company aimed at

Working with a diversity of players and OVPs

Push back the frontiers of streaming with our OTT app development services

Gain new audiences worldwide by introducing them to a multi-screen OTT solution. We’ll happily share the tips on how to engage them long-term and ensure a high ROI.

OTT development with Oxagile: why is it a win?

Online video is our key domain

While building custom OTT TV apps from scratch, we’ve acquired hands-on expertise in customizing and enhancing over 30 market-leading video platforms and streaming servers. The core expertise of our OTT app developers includes live streaming, video CMS, MAM orchestration, and multi-screen app creation.

UI and UX top of mind

Understanding the significance of user interfaces, we extensively focus on delivering well-though-out navigation, interactive viewing, and signature brand UIs. Leverage our OTT app development expertise to build professional-looking UIs for a variety of screens and devices. We cover OTT apps for TV (Apple, Roku, Android, Amazon Fire), web, mobile, gaming consoles, and more.

Mature, low-risk processes

We have a well-defined yet flexible Scrum process in place to ensure even a major undertaking like building a brand-new OTT platform can be carried out in a predictable, low-risk manner — without sacrificing speed of development or time to market.

Trusted by global brands

Throughout the years, we’ve been helping media and broadcasting industry leaders such as Vodafone and Discovery Communications to create state-of-the-art video solutions designed to take the market by storm. Our OTT development expertise is meant to leave the competition in the dust.

Want to go beyond apps with custom OTT development?

As an OTT service ecosystem is a constantly evolving solution and there’re no limits for increasing its capabilities, we are ready to bring our end-to-end system integration and software development expertise to the table and help you with customizing your video streaming service pipeline.

  • Ingestion and delivery

    Our understanding of industry-standard encoding and transcoding tools and tech stack design can help you ensure the video is delivered in the right format and optimized for playback across various devices and network conditions.

  • Workflow management

    Edit and group files, create playlists, add metadata and tags, upload subtitles, create and manage multiple user groups. Capitalize on our competences to untangle streaming service complexities by optimizing system performance and architecture as well as efficiently integrating multiple solutions that streamline a video delivery process for you.

  • Video advertising

    From server-side ad insertion (SSAI) to third-party integrations with providers such as FreeWheel, DoubleClick, Cleeng, and others — we’ve got your back. With us you can experiment with SVOD, AVOD, FAST, TV Everywhere, or Hybrid. You make a choice — we help you deliver.

  • Audience intelligence

    Integrate with market leaders like comScore, Nielsen, and Rentrak. Use data-driven insights into viewer behavior, video performance and advertising efficiency to make informed decisions and stun the competition. We’ll help you maximize the value of your addressable TV and connected TV advertising efforts.