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  • Movie studios
  • Video production centers
  • Creative ad agencies
  • Brands



  • TV viewers
  • Video app users
  • Video platform subscribers
  • Students

Key functionality

Powerful mixture of automated analysis and manual post-processing

  • CNN-powered feature extraction
  • Variational autoencoders
  • RNN-based Temporal Dynamic Behavior Modeling
  • Dynamic content library categorization
  • Dimensionality reduction
  • Non-semantic timeline clusterization

Tackling business challenges

Leveraging meta for content orchestration and processing

Extract rich metadata about every scene or the entire video, including emotions of the characters depicted and the nature of actions portrayed. Generate detailed descriptions to speed up content organization and processing.

Grouping scenes by similarity at lightning speed

Quickly filter hours of media content based on extracted metadata. Assign labels to clusters with the same type of content to visualize intrinsic structures and facilitate video post-processing.

Automating content moderation

Safeguard your brand and protect users from inappropriate content by applying automated moderation. Detect and flag videos and live streams with offensive signs, minors, or violence — in record time.

Streamlining ad detection in video content

Separate entertainment content from external advertising materials with precision. Show the differences on the timeline to fast-track ad removal or replacement.

Enabling semantics-driven ad placement

Apply deep content analysis on clip or scene level to locate the most relevant spots for ad insertion. Serve ads in the most appropriate context to maximize their effectiveness.

Discovering anomalies in video content

Use clusterization to detect and isolate anomalous content of any kind: black screens, glitches, artificial text, etc. Integrate the technology into your QC workflows to ensure flawless content delivery.

Comprehensive thematic statistics and data analysis

Perform in-depth analysis of content themes and structures to generate critical business intelligence about your audience. Leverage the data to guide content acquisition, forecast demand, and build a successful business strategy.


Hyper-personalized content filtering

Install user-driven filtering tools, such as fine-grained parental controls, to help viewers interact with your platform in a way that reflects their personal taste and positive as well as negative preferences.

User-driven content classification

Let viewers generate content taxonomies and personalize genre definitions on their own. Improve viewer engagement and retention by providing intuitive tools for enriching content metadata.

Leverage Decoding Content DNA framework

Reach out to our experts to discuss the details of your business case and find the most effective solution to your video processing problem.

Next-gen segmentation of thematic timelines

Perform deep breakdown of scenes and create semantic subcategories based on complex themes — like time period or activity type. Increase content discoverability and unlock new efficiencies within your media library or archive.

Intelligent generation of promo materials

Automate the creation of eye-catching marketing materials like teasers, trailers, posters, and thumbnails to boost viewer engagement and increase content consumption.

Automatic video highlight generation

Utilize non-supervised AI-driven semantic analysis to locate key moments on the video timeline and generate captivating, action-filled highlights in the blink of an eye.


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