Decoding content DNA

Recognizing scenes. Enriching metadata. Detecting anomalies

  • Content analysis on scene level in contrast to a conventional frame-level DL approach
  • No need for particular training datasets: use your own or publicly available content
  • Support for professional and user-generated live and VoD content
  • Works with any content type: sports events, movies, series, TV shows, etc.
  • 2 weeks on average to adapt the platform to a new use case
  • Accurate detection of content anomalies: external ads, glitches, artificial text and more


  • Movie studios
  • Video production centers
  • Creative ad agencies
  • Brands


  • OTT platforms
  • MVPDs and MSOs
  • Telecoms and ISPs
  • Education providers


  • TV viewers
  • Video app users
  • Video platform subscribers
  • Students

Tap into next-gen ad placement

Reduce user churn rate

Spot the optimal place for ad insertion

  • Give advertisers more control
  • Adapt ads to scene content
  • Make your ads less intrusive
  • Avoid scene splitting

Move to brand safety 2.0

Prevent ads from appearing in inappropriate context

  • Automate content moderation on scene level
  • Exclude your brand mentions from illegal video content
  • Avoid associations with nudity, violence, smoking, alcohol, and other sensitive themes

Streamline sports content processing

Automate highlights generation

Eliminate manual efforts. Cut processing time

  • Automatically identify any sport type
  • Easily spot key moments of the event
  • Compile highlights within minutes

Revamp engagement in real time

  • Monitor a slew of live streams across various sports
  • Detect turning points in matches
  • Suggest fans to switch to the sports event they are/would be interested in
  • Ensure smooth viewing experiences with split screens

Examples of action-filled highlights



  • Scoring chances
  • Goals
  • Rebounds
  • Yellow and red card


  • Great catches
  • Best slides
  • Strikeouts
  • Mishandled balls


  • Longest rallies
  • Twinners, backhand smashes
  • Set/match points
  • Breaks of serve


  • Aces
  • Best blocks
  • Cut shots
  • Amazing digs


  • (Double) eagles
  • Birdies
  • Bogeys
  • Hole-outs


  • Ball dribbling
  • 3-pointers
  • Substitutions
  • Fouls


  • Maneuvers
  • Shooting attempts
  • Penalty loops
  • Finishing spurts
Car racing

Car racing

  • Car crashes
  • Breakouts
  • Disqualifications
  • Time records

Real-time soccer highlights compilation solution

Harnessing human-like machine learning to develop a cutting-edge highlights generator for soccer matches

Accelerating video processing without sacrificing quality

  • Deeply analyzing footage from any soccer match
  • Rapidly detecting moments of interest like goals, rebounds, yellow and red cards, etc.
  • Leveraging an in-house face recognition SDK for accurate player identification
  • Tapping into replays for even faster highlights generation
  • Easily adjustable filtering for seamless manual highlight selection
  • Smoothly uploading soccer highlights to YouTube, Vimeo, and other platforms
  • Scaling soccer content monetization with intelligent ad placement

See it in action

Increase user satisfaction

Generate hyper-personalized recommendations based on the content’s “DNA”

  • Deliver personalized suggestions regardless of traditional metadata like genres, actors, tags, etc.
  • Enrich metadata many times faster
  • Make metadata granulation hundreds of times deeper
  • Reveal hidden dependencies

Choose the optimal integration model

Try out the platform

  • Process content using a pre-trained model
  • Train the system on any video compilation with a few mouse clicks
  • Explore all features and get up to 100 hours of processing for free

Access the API

  • Automate a specific business case
  • Enhance your workflows and processing tasks
  • Unlimited video processing hours
  • One-time setup fee that covers cloud infrastructure and maintenance

Get full control

  • Business case analysis, R&D, and consulting
  • Custom modules and ML models
  • End-to-end integration into your enterprise
  • Full setup and support included

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