It’s no secret that corporate training is an essential business enabler. Comprehensively built online courses help close the knowledge gap, enhance employee engagement, boost workplace performance, which results in a much higher income for an enterprise. Besides, corporate LMS software puts the whole eLearning process on autopilot, sparing the need for hiring additional staff for training.

Induction training, sales and customer support upskilling, product knowledge training, continuing professional education, regulatory compliance training — corporate learning management systems are able to address employee needs to the fullest, empowering the staff to learn anytime and anywhere.

Why corporate LMS is an appealing investment: Our success stories

Underpinned by multi-year eLearning expertise, we’ve helped SMBs as well as large-scale enterprises train their workforce from different locations at no extra cost, while solving some specific business and tech challenges.

Increasing LMS scalability

Quite often video becomes the core of eLearning courses. And if you need to stream materials for hundreds or thousands of employees, a lot will go into ensuring reliable viewing experiences.

To wit, one of Oxagile’s clients, a U.S.-based consulting firm, wanted to scale their coaching platform so that it could easily support 10,000 simultaneous users. To address the client’s need, we leveraged our WebRTC-specific expertise around end-to-end latency engineering, CDN implementation, and performance testing. Real-time analytics on jitter, bandwidth, round trip time, latency, and other QoS metrics allowed the client to monitor video quality and address issues in a timely fashion.

Increasing LMS scalability

Enterprise coaching platform

Besides, by bringing in our cross-domain knowledge, we enhanced the client’s corporate LMS with advanced functionality like multi-user system management, chat with persistent history, support for coaching notes and comments, customizable surveys, session scheduling, and white labeling.

And to take the pain out of manually gauging LMS efficiency, we paired the client’s corporate LMS with a sophisticated data center module that provides analytics on coaching KPIs such as staff morale and reduced turnover, coaching ROI, and learner performance.

How to Revamp Corporate Training by Building an Enterprise-Grade LMS

Solving your challenges

Looking to develop a robust enterprise LMS to increase operational efficiencies in the workplace? Our edtech experts are here to help you. At Oxagile, we build enterprise-grade solutions that correspond to the highest standards in terms of usability, performance, and security.

Expanding eLearning offering

Another client, an American institute providing mortgage education and licensing, harnessed our corporate training platform development competence to expand their services, getting a competitive advantage.

The client needed a full-blown system within eight months — to meet the annual accreditation needs of Mortgage Loan Origination professionals. So Oxagile’s edtech experts engaged a Scrum Master to create and prioritize the product backlog as well as set up a flexible, predictable development process that would favor requirements changes down the road.

We built the optimal LMS architecture that would correspond to all key SCORM requirements. This made the solution compatible with an array of eLearning programs and created an important monetization source. To boost revenue channels, we also enhanced the client’s LMS with white-label functionality and diverse subscription options.

Expanding eLearning offering

SCORM-compliant learning management system

Other functionality that allowed the client to reinforce its position on the eLearning market included advanced course builder, real-time communication options, robust video capabilities, full-fledged course recommendation engine, eCommerce module, and easy progress tracking.

Supercharging LMS efficiencies

With multi-year experience in online proctoring and WebRTC, our experts helped a leading edtech firm serving students from 129 countries enhance their proctoring platform. The new solution’s efficiency — expanded by an estimated 93% — empowered the client to scale their business an order of magnitude faster, leaving the competition behind.

Namely, our expertise in machine learning-related technologies like C++ and OpenCV proved invaluable in verifying student identity based on a number of biometric parameters, including face recognition and keystroke dynamics.

Coupled with WebRTC-fueled scalability, this allowed the client to automatically monitor hundreds of simultaneous remote exams anywhere in the world and assign penalty points for suspicious activity such as head movements, changes in light and audio levels, as well as detection of unauthorized objects near the student like persons, books, or mobile phones.

Supercharging LMS efficiencies

WebRTC-based proctoring platform

Our WebRTC knowledge was also instrumental in introducing easy-to-use text and audio chat functionality, which in turn notably improved communication between proctors and students. Moreover, to enable transparency across the entire proctoring process — including score calculation across educational establishments and test-taker performance — we enhanced the solution with a sophisticated business intelligence module.

How to Revamp Corporate Training by Building an Enterprise-Grade LMS

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Streamlining collaboration in the workplace

One more client relied on Oxagile’s expertise in eLearning and WebRTC to enhance their corporate LMS with a multi-purpose webinar module.

We built a standalone white label solution with a full-blown set of collaboration tools. One-to-many and many-to-many videoconferencing, live interactive whiteboards with support for commenting and drawing tools, screen sharing, group chats, joint preview of video files, question forms creation — corporate learners and co-workers get multiple options to increase productivity.

Streamlining collaboration in the workspace

Modular webinar solution for an advanced LMS

Besides, to enable outstanding user experiences, we implemented a simulcast feature that optimizes content delivery by smartly routing different versions of the same stream based on a user’s device and its connection capabilities. And conversion of video files from .MP4 to HLS ensured the optimal performance and low latency during video streaming and sharing.

Use LMS for corporate training

According to Clear Company, 68% of employees say training and development is the company’s most important policy. And nothing is proved to be more effective in addressing this need to the fullest than a highly scalable corporate LMS solution.

Whether you want to enhance your existing learning management system or build a robust solution from scratch, our eLearning experts are here to assist you. Before proceeding to deployment, we’ll thoroughly analyze your business case and scrutinize the requirements — all to make sure you get the maximum value from the end product.