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Our experience has made us a trusted partner to high-profile players from a wide variety of industries and domains.

  • OVP vendors
  • Content owners
  • Telecoms and ISPs
  • MVPDs and MSOs
  • Broadcasters
  • Education providers
  • Event organizers
  • Faith organizations and nonprofits

Full-cycle Offering

Strategic business analysis

Agile program management

PoC and MVP development

Production-ready solutions

End-to-end QA and testing

Maintenance and support

Infusing deep tech into OTT

End-to-End Video Delivery

Ensuring Seamless Video Delivery

Resilient architectures

Tap into our software architecture expertise to design robust and highly performant backends. Our architects implement built-in redundancy and dynamic load balancing to deliver dependable solutions at scale.

Performance engineering

With us, performance is never an afterthought. Every system is meticulously architectured for superior speed, reliability and scalability. We perform rigorous load testing to make sure your video solution is able to support millions of concurrent viewers.

Multi-CDN approach

Streamline video delivery and reduce latency by connecting your viewers to the nearest CDN. Benefit from our multi-CDN delivery expertise to automatically optimize content performance and reduce TCO.

Enabling Commercial Opportunities

Diverse business models

Create recurring revenue streams with subscription-based, transactional, or ad-supported monetization. Leverage our next-gen AI-powered analytics to find the model that works best for your audience to maximize returns.

Targeted video advertising

Tap into our adtech know-how to optimize your return on ad spend. Underpinned by ML, our programmatic solutions enable you to target audiences with unparalleled precision and better control the context of your creatives.

Server-side ad insertion

Circumvent ad blockers with a server-side approach to ad stitching. We implement server-side ad insertion (SSAI) to help you deliver a TV-like viewing experience without compromising your monetization goals.

Automated Quality Control

Improve efficiency and cut costs with AI-driven QC workflow automation. Easily process vast amounts of media content to find and auto-correct audio, video and metadata inconsistencies.

ML-driven compliance

Use our machine learning expertise to effectively enforce content compliance. Automatically detect scenes of violence, substance abuse, strong language, and other offensive content to meet local regulations.

Boosting User Engagement

Second-screen experience

Supercharge engagement by enabling users to second-screen on laptops, smartphones or tablets of their choice. Boost loyalty and retention with riveting interactivity, seamless social features, addressable advertising, and T-commerce.

Social media integration

Harness the power of social media to strike up a conversation with wider audiences. Leverage simultaneous social streaming, shareable content, and commenting to drive engagement, acquisition, and brand recognition.

Cross-device video delivery

Engage users across devices by creating a seamless viewing experience on any screen. Leverage adaptive streaming to automatically deliver the highest quality video with no buffering or delays — even on slower 3G networks.

Delivering an Exceptional User Experience

Beautiful, responsive UIs

Create highly usable, professional-looking UIs to make users fall in love with your video service. Our UX experts cover web, mobile, connected TVs, set-top boxes, streaming sticks, and more.

Personalized recommendations

Exceed user expectations with hyper-personalized experiences. Tap into AI to analyze customer preferences, activities and demographics for laser-targeted, real-time recommendations.

Powerful search and discovery

Ensure easy and intuitive navigation with lightning-fast, multi-faceted search functionality. Leverage AI-powered algorithms for intelligent content discovery across the video ecosystem.

QoE and QoS analytics

Gain visibility into the quality of your video streaming and real-time viewing behavior. Leverage our QoE-aware multi-CDN solutions to eliminate delivery bottlenecks and manage traffic spikes for a superior viewing experience.

Success Stories

Technology Partners


Kaltura • Brightcove • Vimond


DoubleClick • YuMe • SpotX • Tremor Video • LiveRail • • FreeWheel


Widevine • FairPlay • PlayReady • Verimatrix


NPAW • comScore • Nielsen • Broadpeak • Akamai •  Sisense • Google Analytics • Crashlytics


Adyen • Stripe • Braintree • Cleeng • Vindicia


FFmpeg • GStreamer • AWS Elemental • Zencoder • Harmonic • Envivio • Vantage


Video.js • ExoPlayer • AVPlayer • JW Player • THEOplayer • Kaltura • Brightcove • Ooyala


Amazon CloudFront • Akamai • Limelight Networks • Broadpeak • LeaseWeb • Tata • Streamroot • System73 • Cedexis

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