Innovative emotion recognition software

The ability to understand what a person feels about a service or product is key in people-oriented industries. Custom emotion recognition software can help you automate the process of reading and evaluating human emotions from visual content and unlock never-before-seen business benefits.

Our tailored video-based solutions leverage computer vision and artificial intelligence to perform deep facial expression analysis and real-time emotion recognition.

Unique content DNA framework

Our R&D department experts have developed an approach to emotion recognition rooted in the company’s rich experience around online video and image analysis software. The resulting content DNA framework is a flexible tool that can unlock novel possibilities, including sentiment detection and emotional journey mapping.

Human-like learning

The system mimics the way children learn by processing raw images and footage unified by a single theme and discovering patterns without supervision. This allows performing a more complex analysis of a wide emotional range and remove many quality constraints on input data.

Performance-vs-accuracy optimization

Inbuilt performance-vs-accuracy mechanisms, including a custom performance testing framework, enable users to adjust the time and precision of image analysis. An optimal balance between the two helps businesses achieve the best results possible while minimizing costs.

Real-time processing

The framework can process live video as fast as 1 ms per FullHD frame, making it possible to read and interpret the facial expressions of multiple people on the fly. Without losing speed, the solution also successfully tackles challenges like moving camera footage, occlusions, poor lighting conditions, and more.

Propelling businesses with emotion recognition

Explore the benefits of deep emotion analysis

Wondering if emotion recognition technology could be the innovation your company needs to achieve new heights? Consult our computer vision experts to find the approach that works with the specifics of your business.