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The transition of conventional media towards digital content delivery and comprehensive online presence has been the hottest trend of the industry since early ‘00s. Today, the boundaries between radio, television, cable TV networks and social networks are dissolving to ultimately transform these media beyond recognition. Oxagile has always been on the cutting edge of these changes and has accumulated unique expertise in such areas as developing for video-on-demand (VOD) and live streaming, IPTV, content encoding, transcoding, streaming and content distribution networks.

Oxagile covers the entire range of services related to designing, developing, implementing and maintaining complex video content distribution platforms primarily intended for video publishers, IPTV and OTT service providers. Our experience spans from content syndication and distributed storage to digital rights protection and monetization, allowing our customers to have a single vendor for all their design and development needs.

Our flexible process and hands-on experience with projects of various complexity levels enables us to step in at any stage of the process, seamlessly blend into the customer’s production environment and build an efficient distributed team comprised of our offsite and onsite employees and the customer’s own IT experts. No matter what you need –a complete video on demand or live broadcasting platform development, or customization of an existing IP video service – we guarantee the highest quality, timely delivery and deep understanding of your key business problems.

Some examples of the types of projects that Oxagile can help you with:

  • Web Content Management System Development
  • Media Asset Management System Development
  • Digital Rights Management Solution Development
  • Media Asset Ingestion
  • Social Bookmarking Application Development
  • Custom Social Network Development
  • Video Messaging Application Development
  • Media Player Application Development
  • Monetization Solution Development
  • System Integration Services (via a variety of different APIs)

Our primary goal as a video solutions provider is to add value to our clients’ business by augmenting their platforms and solutions with cutting-edge technologies, optimizing them for better viewing experience and growing viewership and increasing revenue through smarter and more targeted monetization schemes. Here at Oxagile, we know what it takes to create video solutions that users love and will be glad to share this knowledge with you.

For more information about these and other services provided by Oxaglie, please feel free to contact our sales department.

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