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Delivering a Complete Internet of Things Ecosystem for Connected Devices

Make Your Hardware Smarter with Our IoT Software Development Services

We deliver robust, secure IoT solutions that are driven by device-generated data and comply with all the industry standards. Years of close collaboration with hardware vendors helped us to hone our engineering skills and deeply understand industry-specific issues. Let our team of IoT experts step into your hardware development process and start bringing immediate value at any stage.

Retrieve Data from Your Devices

We possess extensive experience in handling all types of communication and network protocols, hardware interfaces, and sensors.

We design smart solutions for end-point devices and gateways to collect data from any source — from connected industrial machinery to wearables. The data is then normalized and securely stored in the cloud, or pushed directly to the final receiver.

Process IoT Data in the Cloud

Tap into our cloud computing expertise to quickly transfer huge volumes of structured data to devices and apps, or store it in the cloud for seamless on-demand access anytime, anywhere.

Our highly-scalable cloud applications aggregate sensor readings from your devices and process it in batches or in real-time. Let our experts architect your tailored IoT ecosystem to enable efficient H2M and M2M communications, allowing nodes to interact in a direct, cost-effective, and secure way.

Monitor IoT Ecosystem and Analyze Big Data

We build functional yet easy-to-use admin panels and cloud dashboards — giving you full control over IoT software ecosystem, data flows, and infrastructure health. Leverage our IoT apps to empower users to access and utilize actionable IoT insights via web or any mobile device.

Powered with custom machine learning and business intelligence algorithms, our advanced monitoring tools help you analyze sensor-generated big data, visualize trends, and make informed decisions.

We smoothly integrate edge devices, gateways, and cloud platforms to provide you with a perfectly-architected IoT ecosystem.

Let our team assess your software needs and existing infrastructure to help design a custom IoT solution and kick off the development right away.

Think Through Your IoT Software Development Strategy Early

From hardware prototyping to mass production — engage us from day one to scrutinize your requirements, work out a detailed hardware-software integration roadmap, and make sure the software seamlessly supports the hardware functionality.

Design and Engineering

Optimize project costs by engaging a professional IoT software development team early to proactively identify any software-related challenges. Our know-how in design and architecturing puts us in a position to effectively address specific IoT hurdles — from connectivity and security to bandwidth limitations and power consumption.

Manufacturing and Production

Ensure the software ecosystem is all set, optimized, and operation-ready as the hardware is being manufactured. Tap into our expertise to continuously test and enhance each IoT software component and achieve that perfect hardware-software synergy — so you can hit mass production with confidence.

Out T-shaped IoT team brings value on each stage of the hardware development process — from PoC design to mass production.

Arm Yourself with Our IoT Development Tech Stack to Perfect Your IoT Solutions

Tap into our best practices and expertise with industry-standard IoT software development tools to integrate all your connected devices into a robust ecosystem and enhance your Internet of Things software in every aspect — from architecture to UI design.

Languages: C, C++
RTOS: RTLinux, RIOT, FreeRTOS, VxWorks, Android Things, Windows IoT, embOS, Nucleus RTOS, ThreadX
Connectivity and Middleware
MQTT, CoAP, REST, AMQP, WebSocket, TCP/IP, Bluetooth, BLE, WiFi, GPRS/2G/3G/4G, NFC, Zigbee, CAN/CANopen, iBeacon
Amazon Web Services, IBM Watson IoT platform, Microsoft Azure IoT Hub, Google Cloud IoT, Oracle IoT Cloud Service, SAP IoT Platform, Cisco IoT
Apps and UI
Java, .NET, Qt, PHP, Python, Objective-C, Swift, Go, Rust, Node.js, React

Our Expertise

Automotive, healthcare, manufacturing, public safety, retail — we build enterprise-grade IoT solutions for sophisticated industrial equipment, smart gadgets, and next-gen intelligent devices.

AI for Smart Video Hardware

The Power of Big Data for Industry 4.0

Integrated Solutions for Next-Gen Gadgets

Intelligent Techs for Automotive

Innovations around Healthcare

Building Intelligent Solutions for Connected Video Devices

Hands-on experience in video domain, machine learning, and data science empower us to create video software of any complexity — from smart camera drivers to industrial vision systems. Engage us to implement computer vision algorithms for advanced video analytics, orchestrate car cameras, or architect IoT infrastructure for your surveillance system.

  • Smart cameras for drones and robotics
  • CCTV and wearable cameras
  • 360° cameras
  • 3D sensors
  • Smart TVs and streaming devices
Driving Innovation in Smart Machinery

You design sensor-rich industrial environments — we сreate custom IoT software to connect them with the cloud and ensure effective data ingestion and storage. Our IoT solutions allow you to monitor machinery health and continuously improve its performance, which helps decrease production costs and equipment downtime by up to 50%.

  • Industrial sensors
  • Smart meters
  • Remote service equipment
  • Industrial security systems
  • Smart factory appliances
  • Workplace safety monitors
Refining User Experience of Your Smart Devices

Whether you are creating a cutting-edge wearable or a comprehensive security system — providing your clients with powerful apps to control smart gadgets is a must. Let us construct a solid bridge between your users and your connected devices with our high-performing and visually-rich user applications.

  • Smart wearables
  • Smart home appliances
  • Drones and robots
  • AR and VR head-mounted displays
  • Smart speakers
  • Smart apparel
Designing Integrated IoT Ecosystems for Connected Cars

We help drivers and automotive companies to make the most of IoT data, generated by the onboard sensors and other intelligent vehicle systems (generally available via the CAN bus). Enjoy streamlined human-machine interaction, extreme vehicle-to-cloud connectivity and real-time connected car analytics with our data-driven smart apps and embedded vehicle software.

  • Smart multimedia and infotainment solutions
  • HMI systems
  • Connected vehicle sensors
  • Telematics devices
  • Real-time vehicle/driver behavior monitors
  • Secure wireless connectivity
Addressing Connectivity Challenges in Healthcare

Our IoT healthcare solutions guarantee patient records security, compliance with HIPAA and other medical industry standards, and smooth two-way communication across the medical equipment ecosystem. Continuously retrieve data from your smart healthcare wearables, transfer it without losses, and securely store it in the cloud EHRs.

  • Wearable vital signs monitors
  • Smart hospital rooms
  • Biosensors
  • Smart pills, syringes, inhalers
  • Health and fitness trackers
  • Food sensors

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Leverage Top-Class IoT Software Development Services to Realize Your Smart Hardware’s Potential

We got both skills and knowledge to fully understand the most complicated technical details of your project, fit into your development process at any stage, and create a powerful IoT software for your connected devices.