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Over the years we’ve honed our IoT consulting expertise to help forward-thinking companies ride the wave of IoT-driven opportunities and stay competitive.

  • IoT use case identification
  • Strategy roadmapping
  • PoC development
  • Feasibility study
  • Implementation
  • Feedback-driven enhancement

Solving your business challenges with IoT

Improved operational efficiencies

Tap into our IoT experience to maximize productivity and achieve next-level performance gains. From real-time asset and inventory tracking to self-optimizing production lines, IoT has the power to revolutionize operations, minimize human error, and reduce downtime.

Game-changing insights

Harness advanced IoT connectivity to get never-before-possible insights into every aspect of your operations — from internal business processes to customer interactions. Integrate these insights into ERP, CRM, and special purpose applications to create intelligent workflows and inform your decision-making.

Outstanding customer service

Benefit from our IoT consulting expertise to reimagine customer experiences across channels. Collect data directly from your consumers to close the feedback loop, offer proactive customer support, and deliver personalized offers for real-time engagement.

Maximized ROI

Slash repair costs by capitalizing on IoT-enabled continuous equipment monitoring and predictive maintenance. Open up new revenue streams with usage- and behavior-based pricing models for greater flexibility.

Internet of things consulting for every business


Unlocking the power of Industry 4.0 tech

Step into the age of Industry 4.0 with connected machinery, smart assembly lines, and digital twins. Our consulting experts will help you design sensor-rich industrial environments to improve productivity, enhance safety, and reduce maintenance costs.


Enabling next-gen patient care

Enable connected care and improve patient outcomes with IoT-powered medical devices and remote patient monitoring solutions. Track hospital assets and staff, monitor medical equipment and implement intelligent automation to turn your hospital into a smart and efficient facility.


Revolutionizing the financial industry

Push the envelope in banking and finance with intelligent IoT-powered solutions that enable seamless wearable payments, automated fraud detection, and deeper customer insights. Monitor ATMs usage to ensure they are located in most favorable spots and function at their peak performance.


Bringing IoT connectivity to sports

Drawing on our solid domain expertise, our consulting experts will help you marry sports solutions with IoT capabilities to monitor sports equipment, track athletes’ performance, optimize rehabilitation programs, improve coaching, and boost fan engagement.


Pushing the digital marketing envelope

Expanding communication pathways to connected home devices and wearables, IoT empowers brands to deliver the right message at the right time and boost user engagement. Leverage IoT-generated behavioral data to offer individual premiums, customized deals, and tailored loyalty bonuses.


Transforming the automotive industry

Leverage our IoT consulting expertise to harness the power of IoT within the connected car. From real-time vehicle health monitoring to assisted parking and navigation to in-car infotainment, our IoT engineers help automotive manufacturers create value and build a competitive edge.


Connecting fleets and supply chains

Gain end-to-end visibility into your transportation workflows, optimize routes and control delivery conditions with IoT-enabled connectivity. Use the powerful tech to improve fleet tracking, streamline inventory management, and build leaner, self-orchestrated supply chains.


Driving innovation in smart farming

Unlock the power of IoT-generated data for precision farming — choose the most suitable crops, detect water and nutrient deficit, adjust fertilizer use, and meet target yields. Leverage IoT connectivity to monitor the location and health of your livestock in real time.

IoT consulting services: How we work

Proactive discovery

To maximize your ROI, we dive deep into your business domain and analyze your requirements, technology and internal workflows. This way, we envision paths to solve your business challenges and to power IoT-driven transformation for your company.

IoT strategy ideation

Depending on your starting point, our consulting experts will craft an actionable IoT roadmap to bring your business into the connected future. We work closely with all stakeholders to make sure the IoT strategy is aligned with your business goals, timeline, and budget.

Feasibility analysis

Our seasoned BA experts will perform a feasibility study assessing your general IoT readiness and validating the chosen IoT approach, including cost to implement, time to market, and revenue potential.

Rapid prototyping

Cut the risks — and costs — of building a full-fledged IoT solution. We use simulation tools to model and optimize the system’s behavior for pennies on the dollar. We can also create fully functional software and hardware prototypes to test viability before pilot batch production.


Backed by multi-year experience in IoT ecosystems development, our IoT engineers will share their knowledge and provide expert guidance throughout the implementation phase. We are also ready to fill in any tech skills gaps and complete your team with big data, AI, or cloud development talent.

Continuous enhancement

In today’s fast-changing markets, you have to keep that competitive edge. To that end, we help you continuously improve your connected solution by adding feedback-driven features, integrating innovative capabilities, and optimizing your entire IoT ecosystem.

IoT expertise you can trust

Seamless connectivity

  • Frictionless M2M and M2H communication
  • Cellular and WiFi-based connectivity protocols
  • Fail-safe wireless mesh networks
  • BLE beacons, RFID tags
  • Ultra wideband technology

End-to-end integrations

  • Multi-cloud and hybrid cloud integration
  • IoT gateways and APIs development
  • High-performance ETL systems for big data integration
  • Integration with ERP, CRM, mobile device management systems, and more

Superior performance

  • Scalable cloud-native IoT infrastructures
  • Microservices-driven architectures
  • Fog computing for reduced latency
  • Meticulous performance testing

Robust IoT security