Internet of Things for agriculture

Our IoT solutions bring together sensors, specialized equipment, buildings, and other agricultural assets to create smart farming systems that drive higher yields without putting additional strain on the environment.

The IoT-enabled farming cycle

Underpinned by an IoT ecosystem, smart farms rely on data to operate effectively. The typical farming cycle involves continuous data collection from multiple in-field and in-building sensors, data analysis and ML-assisted decision-making in the cloud, and direct implementation of the generated insights via IoT devices.

Helping you tackle the toughest challenges

Increase yield

Allocate resources and labor for maximum efficiency with smart farming technology. Get more high-quality produce on the same field, from the same herd, or the same machinery fleet.

Ensure sustainability

Measure and analyze resource consumption — such as water or fertilizer usage — to generate actionable insights. Improve your farming methods at scale to minimize environmental impact.

Reduce costs

Implement intelligent automation to streamline agricultural workflows and achieve a higher level of transparency. Save time and reduce costs while adhering to all necessary industry standards.

Ride the wave of IoT in agriculture

Talk to the team of IoT experts to find out how your business can stay ahead of the curve using the latest agricultural know-hows.

Our connected farming competence

Whether you need to address a particular issue with a specialized solution or introduce precision farming across the entire production process, we have your back.

Greenhouse automation

Our team can help you design and implement a custom farming solution to save the time and effort of your staff and help you drive down maintenance costs.

  • Powerful apps with data-rich dashboards
  • Round-the-clock visibility into your facilities
  • Leveraging multiple IoT devices at the same time
  • Monitoring cultivation conditions
  • Remotely controlling farming equipment
  • Automate processes like fertilizing or irrigation

Smart weather solutions

Our IoT know-hows can provide relevant updates and alerts about climate conditions, allowing farmers to tune their approach and act quickly to minimize losses.

  • Sensor-based technology
  • Smart metering
  • Collecting accurate weather data onsite
  • Deep data analysis in the cloud
  • Risk monitoring and management
  • Real-time stats and historical insights

Crop monitoring and livestock tracking

IoT in agriculture makes it possible to scale crop and livestock monitoring beyond what was previously thought possible, dramatically increasing the amount and quality of data that improves decision-making.

  • Monitoring crop health, soil humidity, and precipitation levels in-field
  • Controlling herd behavior, milk yield, and other parameters
  • Using data analysis to detect diseases or pest infestations early
  • Reducing the costs of vet treatment and pesticide distribution

Drone-based agricultural solutions

Paired with data collection and analysis capabilities, drone technology can deliver exceptional value through real-time insights, versatility of data collected, and flexibility of usage.

  • Soil fertility assessment
  • Precise irrigation
  • Mapping and surveying
  • Crop spraying
  • Insurance claims data

Farm productivity management

We help you build a solution customized to your needs and resources, giving you the tools to predict output, raise productivity, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

  • IoT-enabled farm management
  • Advanced accounting capabilities
  • Sophisticated reporting
  • Pricing and marketing assistance
  • Staff and equipment efficiency tracking
  • Easy-to-navigate dashboards

Why partner with us

Machine learning and AI expertise

Our rich expertise in machine learning-driven technology combined with practical domain knowledge and proactive R&D allows us to deliver innovative agricultural solutions that leverage the best of cognitive computing to produce tangible results.

Data analytics capabilities

Comprehensive data analysis is a requirement for those who want to get the most out of IoT in agriculture systems. Our BI and data analytics experts know how to design robust solutions that retrieve and utilize your device-generated data for maximum ROI.

Seamless connectivity

Whether you aim for short- or long-distance usage of your agricultural IoT devices, we will be able to suggest the most reliable and cost-effective connectivity approach. From NFC and RFID to BLE or LPWAN, we help you pick the technology and tailor it to your environment.

Explore the range of our IoT solutions

Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0

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