We build smart, data-driven IoT systems for logistics

Experts with multi-year experience in IoT software development, we help manufacturers, wholesalers, and transportation companies to transform their logistics operations across ground, rail, air, and sea.

IoT applications in logistics: Addressing your major business needs

We use best practices around automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) to be on top of the biggest asset transportation challenges.

Improving customer service

Build a hardware-agnostic IoT solution to automate your logistics operations and speed up delivery. Easily control vehicle humidity, temperature, and air quality to comply with key industry regulations. Smoothly process logistics data and share all relevant cargo info with customers.

Eliminating downtime

Capitalize on real-time vehicle monitoring to timely gauge all major indicators such as tire pressure, fuel levels, braking usage, speed control, and more. Underpinned by our solid BI knowledge, we perform remote vehicle diagnostics and predictive maintenance to help you avoid critical breakdowns and reduce the time spent at service stations.

Increasing cargo safety

We develop robust IoT solutions to minimize major challenges around fleet management. Our data-backed risk planning will help you effectively address delivery incidents while avoiding situations when cargos are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Boosting productivity

Tap into IoT logistics to effectively distribute fleet vehicles, automatically manage schedules, and optimize driver routes in real time. Equip your machinery and goods with smart sensors for more efficient warehouse space use. Take advantage of driver behavior analytics to minimize violations and increase overall productivity.

Lowering costs

Leave the challenge of reducing the cost of your logistics operations to IoT. Automate warehouse and fleet management to spare you the need of hiring additional staff. Benefit from advanced data analytics to reroute cargo to areas with lower transportation fees, optimize energy and fuel consumption, as well as avoid reimbursements for lost cargo.

Make the most of IoT applications in logistics

We build end-to-end IoT logistics solutions to assist you at every stage of the asset delivery lifecycle.

Warehouse management

  • Accurate detection of low inventory levels and timely automated alerts
  • Enhanced supply chain planning through automatic order generation
  • Creation of connected warehouse and its smart optimization
  • Intelligent inspection of storage items quality to prevent spoilage and waste
  • Real-time capture of load discrepancies
  • Monitoring and adjusting of storage conditions like temperature, atmospheric pressure, humidity, and more
  • AR-powered glasses for accurate order picking and better ergonomics

Fleet management

  • Controlling tire pressure, coolant level, and other vehicle parameters for comprehensive delivery monitoring and route optimization
  • Leveraging data from vehicle after-market fuel level sensors (FLS) and onboard computer (CAN) for real-time fuel management and optimization
  • Enhancing vehicle maintenance via customizable reminder triggers like mileage, engine hours, days since last service repairment, and more
  • Analyzing driver behavior against violation criteria such as abrupt acceleration, hard braking, sharp turns, speeding, reckless driving, and more
  • Controlling the optimal temperature and humidity conditions for transported items
  • Real-time video telematics and timely roadside assistance
  • The ELD (electronic logging devices) rule compliance

Driverless transportation

  • Automatic guided vehicles powered by simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)
  • UAV-enabled parcel delivery to hard-to-reach areas
  • Drone-powered route mapping and motion planning
  • Smart drones equipped with optical scanners to count warehouse inventory
  • Autonomous mobile robots (AMR) to handle warehouse products
  • Intelligent robots for storage space optimization and parcel delivery to trucks
  • Autonomous drones to perform security and inspection operations‎

Get maximum value from our end-to-end IoT solutions development services

Being in the loop about your business specifics, we build custom IoT solutions that deliver. From comprehensive IoT consulting to hardware manufacturing to continuous support, we’ve got you covered.

Full-fledged IoT consulting

  • In-depth IoT use case analysis
  • Advanced requirements management
  • IoT strategy roadmapping
  • Detailed hardware-software integration plan

Design and engineering

  • PoC design and prototyping
  • PCB design, routing, and verification
  • Hardware manufacturing and board bring-up
  • Firmware design and development

Manufacturing and production

  • Mass production preparation and QC
  • End-user app ecosystem development
  • End-to-end quality assurance
  • Feedback-driven enhancement

IoT-powered logistics with data at its core

We leverage historical data and real-time information collected from NFC and RFID tags, beacons, sensors, and wearables to provide you with decision-ready insights into the whole cargo delivery process.