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Advertising Technology

Advertising Solutions That Respond to Tomorrow’s Challenges

The technology revolution paved the way to a stronger, more transparent and manageable ecosystem of digital advertising, through the power of AdTech solutions.

We tailor our offering to your specific place in the advertising value chain: AdTech companies, Publishers, Exchanges, Agencies, Brands.

Our Services in Detail

Ad Inventory Management

We deliver and customize products that cover end-to-end ad inventory management, including that of multimedia content over digital advertising channels.

Yield Optimization

We help maximize revenue streams through a smarter allocation of digital ad space to the mutual benefit of publishers, brands, and ad platform owners. Complete with deep analytics and ad management capabilities.

Demand-Side and Supply-Side Platforms

DSPs and SSPs are among the major advertising solutions that power automated buying and selling via RTB or Programmatic Direct. We automate auction participation and impression sales for a variety of ad types across desktop, mobile, and TV.

Data Analytics and Reporting

The core of digital advertising, business intelligence ensures smooth data exchange behind the scenes. Whether stand-alone or part of a bigger product, our BI solutions aggregate, process, and visualize data in comprehensive and easy-to-customize reports.

Why Oxagile

We Are on the Same Page

We are proud of our solid domain knowledge and understanding of what it takes to deliver successful AdTech solutions. Coupled with our refined engineering competencies, this makes up a success formula that has been standing the test of time since our inception in 2005.

Complexity Is Not a Stopper

Use our machine learning expertise to address complex problems with confidence. Leverage cutting-edge ML technology to pinpoint the optimal bid amounts for RTB traffic, enhance the impressions data with relevant demo­graphics info for better targeting, and more.

Next-Gen Video and TV Expertise

The cutting-edge of video advertising is our forte. Hire us to implement server-side ad insertion to counteract ad blockers, or let us help you leverage addressable TV to reach target audiences with relevant creatives while building on deep campaign performance insights.

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Highlighted Projects

Real-Time Yield Optimization Platform for Digital Advertising

A sophisticated advertising platform for online publishers designed to handle over 40 billion ad transactions per month.

The system offers centralized ad management, real-time yield optimization, channel conflict avoidance, unified reporting, and more.

Video Advertising and Monetization Platform

DashBid is an advertising and monetization platform that gives advertisers and marketers actionable insights into their business to help maximize video ad revenues.

The solution captures large amounts of video ad-related statistical data, aggregates it, and provides comprehensive multi-level reporting with visually appealing charts and graphs.

Innovative Demand-Side Platform for Digital Marketing

The project involved significant re-architecturing and ongoing enhancement of a powerful DSP within the digital advertising space.

The platform is designed to help advertisers maximize ROIs via laser-targeted, highly customizable digital campaigns that rely on complex business logic to deliver the best response.

What Customers Say

The Oxagile team was essential to the success of Admeld. I’ve always been impressed by their engineering skills as well as their ability to suggest alternatives or give hard problems a fresh perspective.

They really care about their work and that was clear every day. It never felt like we were working with a “vendor”, Oxagile was part of our team. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

Brian Adams, Group Product Manager, Google
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