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Front-end Development Expertise

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Our front-end developers can create highly interactive, responsive websites or web apps that look great on any device, deliver an excellent user experience, and boost your brand. We can create stunning dynamic UIs that will amaze your users — without sacrificing performance or speed.

Our engineers can also build cross-platform HTML5 apps that work seamlessly across all major platforms, while providing a native look and feel. By developing an HTML5 mobile application, you can cut the development costs and reach users wherever they are — on Android, iOS, or Windows Phone.

Modern web now offers a level of power and interactivity that was previously only available in desktop applications. Behind this power is JavaScript — the Swiss Army knife of today’s front-end development. Our front-end developers are well-versed in modern JavaScript frameworks such as AngularJS, Backbone, and React, and will help you rapidly develop rich internet applications with advanced functionality.

In addition, Oxagile developers are experienced in related back-end techs, including Node.js, Erlang, Python, and Go. These technologies enable us to quickly build complex backend solutions to automate your business.

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Key Technology Competence

HTML5, CSS3, Sass, Less, JavaScript, ES6, TypeScript, CoffeeScript
UI Frameworks and Widgets
Bootstrap, jQuery UI, Kendo UI
JavaScript Frameworks
  • Frontend: React, Backbone.js, Angular 2
  • Backend: Node.js (LoopBack, Express, Koa)
React Native, Ionic, Cordova, PhoneGap, Xamarin

Featured Project Examples

Large-Scale Redesign of a Global Media Portal

A feature-rich CMS-driven web platform powering nine video portals of a renowned global media and entertainment company.

Retooled from the ground up, all portals got a modern, visually appealing, mobile-friendly UI that effectively enhances user engagement, reduces bounced traffic, and boosts ad revenues.

Cutting-Edge Online Presentation Software

A next-generation online presentation product that makes creating impactful slides and amazing visual experiences a breeze.

The system includes a powerful CMS-driven backend and an intuitive PowerPoint presentation wizard with a wide selection of professionally designed fonts, styles, and visuals.

Geospatial Data Visualization Service

A geo-mapping web application featuring advanced business intelligence and analytics.

The system provides decision-makers with business-critical GIS data and visualizes it via charts, tables, and graphs.

The application uses an interactive UI designed to present complex, highly dynamic data in a usable, easy-to-understand way.

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Our extensive web development experience, as well as deep understanding of a range of vertical industries and business domains puts us in an optimal position to turn your idea into a compelling web or mobile app, while keeping the expense down to a minimum.

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