Hire a Market-Leading AngularJS Development Company

If your current business goal is to build a dynamic SPA or other interactive app for a great experience on both web and mobile, AngularJS is a go-to choice.

Since 2010, Oxagile has been leveraging this web application development framework to create clean UIs, optimize complex workflows, and deliver lightning-fast app performance.

Rely on AngularJS Development to Improve Your Market Standing

Rev up application development

Capitalize on AngularJS development to accelerate your project. Benefit from Angular’s no-nonsense architecture, powerful template syntax, and built-in productivity tools to save time and effort, drastically reduce time to market, and ensure rapid value delivery.

Respond to changes faster

Start building fast by applying a winning combination of Angular’s command line tools and Oxagile’s flexible, low-risk development process. Quickly introduce new features with our best practices around Agile and DevOps that offer continuous delivery and greater predictability.

Maximize savings and revenue

Take full advantage of AngularJS component-based structure for greater code readability, easier maintenance, and faster onboarding. Utilize our ready-to-go modules to slash both development and maintenance costs — without sacrificing product quality.

Featured Projects

Being engaged in constant learning of new techs and frameworks, our AngularJS developers are always ready to create a best-of-breed solution that fully suits your business needs.

Unwrap Our AngularJS Development Services to Drive Business Value

Our AngularJS experts are well-versed in crafting industry-specific solutions. Whether you need to maximize ROIs, grow your client base, or increase service efficiency, we’ve got you covered — across 27+ verticals and domains.

Choose the Best AngularJS Talent

High professionalism

Oxagile boasts an adroit team of 20+ AngularJS developers who have a solutioning mindset and know how to combine a good idea with the right tech to help you succeed. Our seasoned delivery and project managers follow a transparent, predictable process to complete projects on schedule and within budget.

Well-rounded experts

From market and industry research to solution implementation to deployment to quality assurance — we’re ready to assist you at every stage of the SDLC. We marry AngularJS capabilities with our hands-on tech stack knowledge and domain expertise to deliver the optimal solution to your short- and long-term business needs.

Continuous innovation

With a strong focus on learning and mentoring, our AngularJS programming specialists pride themselves on finding the optimal solutions to hard problems. We’re always on the lookout for new tools and trends to help you incorporate innovation, tackle complex challenges, and take your business to the next level.

Enhance Quality Control

Bank on advanced testing frameworks like Protractor or Karma to discover bugs earlier, cut feedback loop, and lower cost-to-fix. Take advantage of Oxagile’s expertise that brings the power of high testing standards, best automation practices, and continuous, in-depth code review.

Count on Our Advanced Tech Stack

Being engaged in constant learning of new techs and frameworks, our AngularJS developers are always ready to create a best-of-breed solution that fully suits your business needs.


HTML5 • CSS3 • Sass • LESS • JavaScript • ECMAScript • TypeScript

UI Frameworks

Bootstrap • jQuery UI • Kendo UI

State Managers

Redux • MobX • RxJS

Mobile Frameworks

Apache Cordova • Ionic


React Native • Ionic • PhoneGap (Apache Cordova)

Our AngularJS Competence Will Exceed Your Expectations

Want to develop a next-gen solution that will help you support your business agility in today’s high-paced, fiercely competitive environment? Contact us, and an AngularJS professional will get back to you with a free project estimate.