Will NLP benefit your business?

If you’re debating NLP solutions for polishing your business, here’s a quick question for you: do you happen to offer services or products? If you’re mentally nodding, the dilemma’s solved — we can use NLP to your advantage.

NLP can take on the role of your diligent assistant, willing to fine-tune your operational workflows and refine insight retrieval — all without taking coffee breaks. How? Here are a few scenarios where this linguistic mastermind can become your right hand.

Unblemished brand reputation

  • Gauge the overall public opinion of your brand
  • Tailor interaction with customers to their emotional states
  • Capture all mentions across the internet
  • Forecast future client behaviors using historical interaction data

Actionable insights taking over data chaos

  • Extract vital information (e.g., areas where issues are being faced) from any data
  • Categorize, classify, and organize massive volumes of text
  • Generate summaries of large data sets
  • Convert text into numerical representations

Minimized expenses and inefficiencies

  • Reduce administrative work (from invoice processing to customer service)
  • Provide immediate answers to clients through chatbots
  • Intelligently target the right users and place ads at the right time
  • Eliminate language barriers

NLP services we offer to fulfill your business desires

  • Doing a total feedback checkup

    Look into customers’ comments all over the internet with our NLP solutions. They can be trained to not only identify the main topics, extract keywords like certain features’ names, or entities like dates, but understand implications and a customer’s intent.

  • Reading customers' minds

    Our Natural Language Processing services include delving into social networks or review platforms and evaluating all customers’ sentiments and pinpointing emotions and moods on a deeper level, letting you see the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

  • Becoming best friends with clients

    Our NLP-based tools can help you learn who your target audience is in detail — from their age, gender, location, nationality, and language to political interests and lucky numbers.

  • Making data work hard for you

    We’ll help you set the processes for data collection from semi-structured or unstructured documents and their annotations, as well as establish crowd management to ensure consistent delivery of reliable data.

  • Non-stop low-cost customer care

    Oxagile’s expert team can craft multilingual enterprise chatbots based on NLP technologies either for company employees (e.g., supply chain chatbots) or for clients to accommodate a high volume of interactions and deliver personalized 24/7 assistance.

  • Converting mumble into profit

    Our NLP services include creating solutions that analyze audio data from customer interactions, such as phone calls or support chats, automate transcription or note-taking during meetings, as well as develop voice-enabled virtual assistants and voice-activated features.

Tailoring LLM models to your needs

Harnessing the power of our domain-specific knowledge and LLM models like OpenAI, LaMDA, and ChatGPT, we seamlessly integrate innovative functionalities and streamline operations across diverse business areas, including EdTech, AdTech, and media streaming. Leveraging both open-source and commercial models, we engineer bespoke LLM-powered applications that meet your requirements.

Elements that we can train any NLP solution with

  • Increasing vocabulary diversity
  • Vocabulary migration
  • Predefined words with similar meanings
  • Capitalization and abbreviations
  • Message customization
  • Numerical representations

Case in point: All brand management activities covered by the NLP model

A client, buried under a huge volume of reviews and comments, faced the challenge of quickly identifying and eliminating negative, inappropriate, irrelevant, or spam ones to save their business from potential harm. To solve this and guard their brand reputation, Oxagile:

  • Integrated the NLP model that reads the whole sequence of words at once (both from left-to-right and right-to-left) for better context understanding.
  • Fine-tuned and configured the model’s hyperparameters to reach an optimal trade-off between classification accuracy and speed.
  • Trained the model to analyze testimonials and define a negative tone, not just detect single words indicating negation.

Why Oxagile

We help companies monitor, analyze, and enhance their brand reputation, reach customer interaction goals and increase revenue through effective, proven, and practical NLP solutions.

Domain expertise

Over a decade of experience across diverse disciplines, including video streaming, advertising, real-time communication, and more, along with a deep knowledge of AI technologies, enables us to construct advanced NLP-powered solutions for any business, from healthcare to sports industries.

Cost-effective strategy

The expenses associated with building and training NLP models can make their monetization more difficult. However, our constant work in the field of NLP, which involves exploring novel ideas and taking a proactive approach, ensures the optimal choice of tools and expense minimization.

Purposeful innovation

By studying your goals and processes, we will ensure that the implementation of NLP and ML into your business is not merely an experiment with unclear benefits and doubts, but a completely justified solution. And in case it’s not, we will propose alternative options.

Thinking about going beyond outdated processes?

Feel free to share your goals — whether you’re aiming at deeper insights from customer data or seeking to speed up many time-consuming tasks, we’re here to guide you on blending our NLP services into your current solutions for the best results.

Our arsenal of instruments and tools

Programming languages

Python, R


MongoDB, PySpark

Frameworks, libraries, and APIs

PyTorch, TensorFlow, Keras, spaCy, Stanza, GPT-4, BERT, Word2Vec

LLM models

BERT, Falcon 40B, Galactica, GPT-3, GPT-3.5, GPT-4, LaMDA, Llama, Orca, PaLM, Phi-1, StableLM