Tap into our full-fledged business intelligence integration services

Underpinned by expertise in business intelligence consulting and related domains, we successfully solve one of the major challenges of a modern enterprise — the exponential growth of disparate, heterogeneous data.

Leverage our BI integration competence

Our business intelligence team uses cutting-edge techniques and approaches to integrate numerous data sets extracted from different sources and organize them in one manageable silo.

Overarching data warehousing

Take full advantage of your historical and real-time data by integrating it in a warehouse — a single persistent data storage. We follow best practices around ETL, EAI, and EII to simplify access to data scattered across multiple environments, including ERP software, IoT, social media, and more.

Comprehensive data virtualization

Create a single virtual data layer to retrieve and manipulate data in real time without requiring its technical details. Data virtualization allows getting analytics into production faster, which significantly improves business agility without disrupting operations.

Seamless data synchronization

Ensure data consistency across applications by synchronizing it at system, file, and record levels. Intelligently manage updates scheduling and frequency as well as access control so that all properly authorized employees could easily access the most up-to-date data.

Proactive data governance

Our business intelligence integration experts perform a series of data governance procedures to make your data consistent, complete, accurate, usabale, and secure. We are also responsible for establishing a set of policies and procedures that determine how data should be stored, handled, archived, and backed up.

Smooth data migration

Our team of business intelligence integration specialists will help you transfer data to a new system or cloud as part of legacy software modernization or an existing system upgrade. We’ll migrate your data, then perform BI testing and data validation to ensure consistency — all with a high level of business continuity. Moreover, the entire process will be thoroughly audited and documented.

Advanced data visualization

We implement best practices around OLAP analysis, ML, and data mining to parse data and provide you with meaningful insights — including customer intelligence, athlete performance, QoE and QoS analytics, or anything else. All the findings are presented in customizable reports and interactive dashboards, easily accessible to even non-tech stakeholders.

Industries and domains we serve

Draw on our multi-year business intelligence integration expertise and cross-domain skills to build custom BI solutions for a host of business areas, including digital advertising, eCommerce, edtech, sports, and more.



Revamping customer experience

Reimagine the way you serve clients with advanced customer intelligence. Marry BI with big data and ML technology to blend historical and real-time data from a wide range of sources, obtain deep insights into customer behavior, and create highly personalized offers.



Enabling value-based care

Leverage SDOH and data from medical software, enterprise systems, IoT, and internet resources to refine diagnostics and treatment, enhance preventive medicine, better control disease outbreaks, and more. Get profound insights into administrative processes to improve financial operations and marketing campaigns.


Sports and fitness

Increasing winning chances

Deeply analyze your team’s and rivals’ performance and use these insights to supercharge coaching and training, minimize injuries, and speed up rehabilitation. Apply the power of data to transform fan engagement, revamp your marketing campaigns, and efficiently manage procurement, finances, or scouting.


M&E and online video

Delivering tailored recommendations

Delve into viewer preferences to target your audience in greater detail and fine-tune content suggestions. Take it up a notch with artificial intelligence to get advanced QoE analytics for increasing conversions and ARPU. Ensure user data privacy and security through compliance with GDPR and other regulations.


Martech and adtech

Enhancing marketing efforts

Use our business intelligence integration skills to leverage all marketing data from website visits, location-based beacons, email campaigns, and more. Benefit from the newly obtained insights to better target ads, increase customer loyalty, and drive your marketing campaigns across all distribution channels.



Supercharging learning process

Get 100% visibility into your learning programs to refine course personalization, enhance knowledge retention, maximize teacher efficiency, and upgrade corporate training. Pair up your analytics with computer vision technology to improve proctoring and learner attention tracking.

Our BI technology stack

At Oxagile, we pride ourselves on constant learning of new techs to build best-in-class BI solutions that perfectly fit your business needs.


HDFS • Apache HBase • Apache Kudu • Apache Cassandra • DataStax • Cloudera • Redis • Microsoft Azure • Amazon


Hadoop MapReduce • Apache Flume • Apache Sqoop • Apache Spark • Apache Storm • Apache Hive • Apache Kafka • StreamSets Data Collector • ELK


Microsoft Power BI • Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services • Oracle BI • TIBCO Jaspersoft BI • Apache Impala • Pentaho