Tap into our business intelligence testing services to outstrip the competition

Backed by multi-year experience in business intelligence solution development and software testing, we enable you to deliver BI solutions of outstanding quality. Capitalize on our full-fledged BI testing services to refine your BI reports as well as validate data in terms of reliability, uniformity, performance, and security.

Comprehensive business intelligence testing

ETL testing

We provide full-cycle BI testing services to ensure data consistency across the entire extract-transform-load process. From data source identification and data acquisition to dimensional modeling and test deployment — we’ve got you covered.

Count on us to perform automated ETL testing. We use cutting-edge tools like QuerySurge, ICEDQ, Datagaps ETL Validator, and QualiDI to successfully validate huge datasets and ensure successful data transition.

Warehouse testing

Engage our experienced BI testing engineers in functional and non-functional testing of your data warehouse. Leverage performance testing to make sure the DWH can handle the ever-increasing data volume as well as thousands of concurrent users working on the same database.

Our overarching security testing service will help you check access roles accuracy, data encryption, and backup implementations. Perform warehouse migration testing to ensure data consistency and business continuity when transferring data from one enterprise system to another.

BI reports and OLAP testing

Harness our software testing skills to check your BI reports and dashboards for accuracy, applicability, readability, and integration of business intelligence elements. We’ll validate your reports’ layout, calculation correctness, links and graphs accuracy, and more — all in an automated manner.

Our expert QA engineers will also check whether your reports are generated, updated, exported, and downloaded according to the established requirements such as time, frequency, and formats.

Boost stakeholder confidence and cut cost to fix

Well-versed professionals

Unlock the full gamut of our QA services that includes all common test types and beyond. From integration, migration, and regression testing to checking data for compatibility, performance, and security, our QA experts apply the latest tools and complex test automation to discover problems early and improve your solution’s quality.

Custom automation framework

We pride ourselves on our custom test automation framework that ensures broader test coverage, 100% results visibility, and a faster time to market. This and our genuine commitment to constant learning allow us to successfully complete the most challenging BI testing projects while meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

Dedicated QA teams

As part of our standalone BI testing offering, we allocate mature dedicated QA teams with the right structure and domain knowledge to ensure your project’s success. Spearheaded by experienced QA leads, our teams will deliver above and beyond your testing needs — covering things like QA strategy consulting and test automation ROI evaluation.