Adtech platform development

Leverage our adtech and AI expertise to automate your campaigns while supercharging ad inventory management, yield optimization, and audience targeting. The technology revolution in the ad space paved the way for a stronger, more transparent, and manageable ecosystem of digital advertising through the power of adtech solutions.

We tailor our offering to your specific place in the advertising value chain:

  • Adtech companies
  • Publishers
  • Exchanges
  • Agencies
  • Brands

Bringing tangible value

Revenue stream optimization

Maximize the value of your inventory through a smarter allocation of digital ad space. Capture your audience on all screens and across various channels to boost your ad revenue.

Workflow efficiency

Leverage our adtech and machine learning expertise to automate complex workflows, including auction participation and impression sales. Build custom end-to-end solutions to easily orchestrate direct and programmatic advertising.

Visibility and transparency

Develop comprehensive BI and big data analytics tools to measure the efficiency of your ad campaigns and predict performance. Quickly visualize data in flexible, easy-to-customize reports for informed decision-making.

Outstanding usability

Build effective adtech solutions that manage complex processes while making onboarding a breeze. Combine rich functionality with utmost ease of use for specialists of any background.

Personalization at scale

Use AI-based personalization tools to address every member of your audience with a uniquely relevant message. Connect with lookalike audiences to attract motivated customers and scale your outreach.

Next-gen video capabilities

Implement server-side ad insertion to counteract ad blockers and protect your profits. Leverage addressable TV to reach target audiences with relevant creatives while building on deep campaign performance insights.

Solid adtech know-hows


Domain experience

Our adtech specialists have profound experience in helping companies solve business challenges — such as automated audience clustering, budget threshold management, campaign ROI analysis, ad fraud detection, and more.


Video advertising

Use our ML-based programmatic solutions to optimize your return on video ad spend, target audiences with unparalleled precision, and better control the context of your creatives.


Server-side ad insertion

Circumvent ad blockers with a server-side approach to ad stitching. Leverage the VAST and VPAID standards to deliver a TV-like experience without compromising your monetization goals.


Addressable TV

Implement addressable TV solutions to improve ad targeting and increase conversions. Reach target households with relevant creatives based on advanced audience segmentation.


AI-driven adtech

Apply artificial intelligence know-hows to tackle your toughest challenges, such as brand-safe inventory filtering, visual affinity-based recommendations, and sentiment-driven ad placement.

Give it a start!

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Our adtech platform development services in detail

Tap into our extensive expertise and discover plenty of opportunities for delivering high-quality adtech experiences.

Ad inventory management systems

Optimizing ad space and increasing high-value placement

We build and customize products that cover end-to-end ad inventory management, including that of multimedia content over digital advertising channels. Our solutions allow producing the highest average RPM through a smarter allocation of digital ad space to the mutual benefit of publishers, brands, and ad platform owners.

Real-time bidding platforms

Enhancing bid amounts and impressions

Rely on real-time bidding (RTB) as part of programmatic advertising to target ads with unprecedented accuracy and speed. Automate auction participation and impression sales for a variety of ad types across desktop, mobile, and TV. Increase the value of remnant ad space, get pricing precision, and prevent your ads from being shown in dubious places.

Custom demand-side platforms

Streamlining ad buying

Our adtech development team builds robust demand-side platforms that help advertisers effectively manage their campaigns. With a custom DSP, you can efficiently buy inventory from multiple ad exchanges through a single interface and then automatically perform advanced real-time analysis to gauge impressions for RTB. Optimize ad buying based on key performance indicators such as effective cost per click (eCPC) and effective cost per action (eCPA).

Tailored supply-side platforms

Maximizing the advertising yield

Take full advantage of a tailored supply-side platform (SSP) to optimize the process of ad selling. Smartly manage your ad space, automatically generate the optimal impressions for ad exchanges, and perform a slew of simultaneous transactions. Tap in a custom SSP to expand your client base and increase revenues across all sales channels while ensuring dependable channel conflict avoidance.

Data management platforms

Generating result-driven insights

A crucial component of our adtech platform development offering, data management platforms collect data from an array of sources and organize it in a comprehensible way, making it available for other adtech platforms. Leverage our BI and ML know-hows to unlock never-before-possible insights into your audience’s needs, habits and expectations — so you can target them across all channels, improving your marketing campaigns and turbocharging sales.

What sets us apart

Proactive R&D

  • A dedicated expert R&D unit
  • Internal projects to try out new concepts and proactively solve daunting challenges
  • Ready-to-use know-hows to effectively address your problem
  • Focus on reducing development costs and minimizing time-to-market
  • Top-grade business case analysis to identify ideal areas of innovation without disrupting operations

Mature Scrum process

  • Multi-year expertise around distributed Scrum
  • Scrum Alliance-certified ScrumMasters®
  • Well-defined change request management
  • 27 actionable project and progress metrics
  • Early risk assessment, regular risk re-evaluation, and expert risk tackling strategies
  • Assistance in budget control and ROI monitoring

World-class QA and test automation

  • ISTQB-certified test professionals
  • Comprehensive, robust QA strategy to ensure product quality
  • Multiple test types including functional, integration, API, smoke, load, regression and more
  • Solving unique testing problems around web, mobile, and smart TVs
  • In-house, ready-to-go test automation framework

Robust system and data security

  • AI-driven digital ad fraud prevention
  • Highly redundant, fault-tolerant system design
  • Rigorous security and penetration testing
  • Advanced identity and access management
  • Encryption and recovery capabilities
  • Risk analysis and threat modeling to identify security flaws early
  • I look forward to working with them again in the future!

    The Oxagile team was essential to the success of Admeld. I’ve always been impressed by their engineering skills as well as their ability to suggest alternatives or give hard problems a fresh perspective.

    They really care about their work and that was clear every day. It never felt like we were working with a “vendor”, Oxagile was part of our team. I look forward to working with them again in the future.

    Brian Adams
    Group Product Manager, Google

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