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Node.js Project Examples

Cloud-Hosted CMS for 360° Video Content

A comprehensive CMS with a scalable infrastructure that holds and serves 360° video content for a mobile viewer app.

The system enables content providers to transcode original MP4 video into a range of formats and resolutions, upload it to remote storage, add metadata, create channels and categories, and pull video viewing statistics.

Modular Webinar Solution for an Advanced LMS

A self-contained WebRTC module that provides tutors and learners with effective collaborative tools while helping organizations step up their training strategy.

The solution supports one-to-many and many-to-many videoconferences on desktop and mobile with no additional plugins required.

Comprehensive Citation Search Solution

A powerful citation and reference search solution that lets libraries and universities comfortably manage and operate large bibliographic databases.

The solution comes with several authentication types, flexible faceted filtering, and multi-format MLA-style citation export capabilities.

Intelligent Product Recommendation Platform

A full-blown, customizable recommendation platform that dramatically enhances product selection process for eCommerce users.

Shoppers describe how they plan to use an item via a series of simple questions, and the platform intelligently translates their needs into product recommendations.

Innovative Vehicle Marketplace

An advanced car marketplace system with sophisticated search and analysis capabilities.

Based on the characteristics and price range submitted by the buyer, the system displays all the vehicle matches across the U.S., shows best prices, and calculates shipping costs for a door-to-door delivery.