Building tailored learning solutions for the healthcare industry

Leverage our expertise in LMS development to keep doctors, nurses, technicians, and other healthcare staff up to speed with best practices around patient treatment, medical workflow management, and regulatory compliance. Combine our eLearning expertise with health IT knowledge to revamp care quality and medical operations efficiency within your organization.

We develop end-to-end healthcare LMS solutions

Covering all key steps of the online learning process

  • Advanced user management and support for roles such as administrators, tutors, and learners
  • Course creation, localization, and personalization — in accordance with healthcare standards and policies, including HIPAA and OSHA
  • Cross-discipline exam taking and certification (ASCP, AMT, etc.)
  • Computer vision-powered proctoring: automated session flagging based on certain triggers
  • Gamification for increased learner engagement
  • Automated tracking and reporting: visibility into course completion, doctor productivity, and more

Start reaping the benefits now

We are here to help you build a learning management system tailored to your specific needs. Drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you to discuss the details.

A bespoke healthcare LMS that delivers

Ease of use

With healthcare-specific UI and UX expertise under our belt, we engineer learning management systems with intuitive navigation on any device, advanced search capabilities, and seamless user onboarding. We also use best practices around WCAG to increase your solution’s accessibility.

Outstanding performance

Your healthcare LMS must be designed from the ground up for superior speed and scalability. We leverage robust, flexible architectures (including microservices-based), engineer every component with performance in mind, and perform comprehensive stress and load testing — all to enable a stellar user experience.

Increased interoperability

Underpinned by the knowledge of interoperability standards such as AICC, SCORM, and xAPI, our experts will make sure your healthcare LMS can smoothly communicate with PHM, medical staff portals, telemedicine video conferencing solutions, and other enterprise software — for workflow optimization and improved productivity.

Rock-solid security

When developing an LMS for healthcare employees, security is paramount. We protect your educational content and user information with data encryption, two-step verification, fine-grained access management, and powerful recovery capabilities. We also tap into rigorous security testing to ensure full compliance with industry standards and regulations.

Advanced functionality

A robust healthcare learning system will enable you to automatically create medical courses for different categories and interact with learners via video chats, discussion boards, engaging 2D and 3D graphics, and podcasts. You’ll also be able to easily gauge staff performance and make personalized course recommendations after the completion of a certain stage.

Use our cross-domain expertise to boost LMS efficiency



  • Healthcare-specific UX and UI knowledge
  • Multi-year expertise in developing robust telemedicine solutions
  • Best practices around interoperability for smooth LMS integration with third-party medical software
  • Advanced healthcare business intelligence
  • Automated creation of courses in areas such as policy and compliance (HIPAA, Security 101, FHIR, ASTM), health and safety, European Care Certificate, and more

Online video and WebRTC

Online video and WebRTC

  • Rich libraries with live and on-demand video content for medical staff
  • Audio- and video-conferencing with support for a large number of simultaneous users
  • Personal messaging and group chats functionality
  • Collaborative virtual whiteboards
  • Screen sharing and co-browsing capabilities

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence

  • Intelligent course personalization
  • Medical staff progress assessment
  • Cutting-edge proctoring for reliable exam taking
  • Automated translation of learning materials
  • Sophisticated BI reporting
  • Advanced doctor feedback management



  • Full-fledged development of cloud-based healthcare LMS
  • Support for AWS, Azure, and other industry-leading cloud platforms
  • LMS migration to the cloud while ensuring business continuity
  • Enabling unlimited data storage



  • End-to-end mobile learning solutions development
  • Healthcare LMS optimization for mobile, tablets, and smartwatches
  • Compliance with Apple Human Interface and Google Material Design guidelines
  • In-depth mobile business intelligence

AR and VR

AR and VR

  • Collaborative surgical simulation environments
  • Access to learning materials via a VR headset or web browser
  • Integration of AR-enabled instructions
  • Training sessions with single or multi-user modes

Full-cycle online learning solutions development for healthcare

We’ve got you covered all the way

Efficient online learning for healthcare professionals

We build tools that help doctors become more productive. A custom healthcare LMS solution will help you take online learning to the next level, while improving patient outcomes.