Comprehensive eLearning consulting services

Leverage our hands-on eLearning competence and advanced tech stack to scale up your coaching and consulting services. Since 2005, we’ve been providing professional edtch consulting and development services to a wide range of clients:

  • Educational institutions, including schools and universities
  • Large-scale enterprises
  • Communication technology companies
  • Learning management system (LMS) vendors and other technology companies
  • Online training courses
  • Remote conferencing service providers
  • eLearning startups

Our eLearning consulting expertise lends itself well to your challenges

Our eLearning consultants will perform a detailed business case analysis to identify your key needs and come up with a coherent implementation plan.

Optimizing UIs

We are here to help you notably improve the usability of your eLearning solution. Whether you need to enhance your eLearning portal, LMS, or eLearning app, we’ve got you covered.

  • Intuitive navigation across platforms and devices
  • Payment and checkout optimization
  • Advanced search capabilities
  • Smooth user onboarding
  • Comprehensive UI testing
  • WCAG-powered platform accessibility
  • Compliance with Apple Human Interface and Google Material Design

Enhancing performance and scalability

Combine our eLearning consulting knowledge with performance and latency engineering skills to scale up your eLearning system to a virtually unlimited number of simultaneous users worldwide.

  • Highly scalable, microservices-based architectures
  • Cloud scalability with support for AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud
  • Adaptive bitrate streaming for video content delivery
  • CDN strategy implementation: multi-CDN setups, CDN augmentation, and more
  • Easy-to-deploy custom WebRTC framework

Boosting quality

Live up to your user expectations with a high-quality product. Capitalize on our full-fledged QA services that include one-off consulting, dedicated QA, and managed testing services.

  • Consulting on the optimal development methodology, QA team composition, testing tech stack, and more
  • Performing pre-certification and end-to-end testing
  • Covering different testing types, including functional, usability, performance, security, and integration testing
  • A ready-to-go test automation framework to enable faster on-demand releases with no regression debt
  • Custom DSL and code as documentation to radically cut test maintenance costs

Increasing security

We apply our multi-year security expertise to safeguard your learning materials and ensure robust client data protection.

  • DRM-powered video content protection
  • Robust user data encryption
  • Compliance with OWASP, GDPR, PCI DSS, and other security guidelines
  • Comprehensive security and penetration testing
  • Computer vision-powered biometric authentication
  • Advanced access management
  • Powerful risk management and disaster recovery capabilities
  • AI-fueled fraud prediction

Ensure your eLearning project success

Let our eLearning consultants scrutinize the requirements, devise a detailed project roadmap, and kick-start the implementation.

Setting your eLearning business apart from the competition

Make your solution stand out with a technology heavy hitter. We use best practices around online video, WebRTC, BI, artificial intelligence, and other business domains.

Video content delivery

Use a powerful combination of our eLearning consulting expertise and deep online video knowledge to streamline the processing, management, and delivery of live, on-demand, and live-to-VoD content.

  • Overarching content orchestration, including ingestion, processing, and playout
  • Innovative automated video highlights generation
  • SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, EST, and PPV content monetization models
  • CSAI and SSAI ad insertion
  • Cross-selling and upselling
  • Loyalty bonuses and personalized offers
  • AI-powered video quality control and QoS solutions
  • Detailed BI reports on video quality, learner satisfaction, advertising, and more

Real-time communication

Get a competitive edge with our custom WebRTC framework that can be smoothly integrated into your business workflows through a robust, fully-documented REST API or easy-to-use client app SDKs.

  • Two out-of-the box load balancing modes for one-to-one and one-to-many conferencing
  • Seamless multimedia file sharing
  • Collaborative screen sharing and whiteboard support
  • Live in-session chats for individuals and groups
  • Powerful white-labeling capabilities
  • Framework optimization for resource usage (CPU, RAM, etc.)
  • Smart load balancing: latency up to 50ms
  • Continuous on-demand updates and multi-level system support

An eLearning consulting firm with multi-year experience, we’ll take your idea from zero to hero

eLearning solution development

End-to-end eLearning solution development

  • Overarching business case analysis
  • Detailed IT infrastructure inspection
  • Full-fledged system deployment
  • Compliance with interoperability standards such as LRS, SSO, SCORM, xAPI
  • Comprehensive quality assurance
  • Professional assistance with staff training

Module development

Custom module development

  • BI components development and enhancement: customizable dashboards covering subscriber retention, tax and billing, market trends, user behavior, and more
  • Course creation and content management
  • Grading and scoring functionality
  • User subscription management
  • RTC modules to enable powerful communication capabilities
  • Online video platforms (OVP)
  • Advanced monetization functionality

Innovation enablement

Innovation enablement

  • AI-fueled course personalization
  • Gamification capabilities
  • Automation of course creation and localization
  • Voice-powered search
  • Smart chatbot assistants
  • Biometrics-enabled student identification
  • Cutting-edge proctoring

System integration

System integration

  • Company-wide integrations: analytics systems, CRM, ERP, CMS, social media, and more
  • Partner integrations: video players, OVP, CDN, payment gateways, QoS solutions, ad management platforms, etc.
  • Full-fledged API development
  • Custom connector development
  • Robust integration and API testing
  • Enabling business continuity
  • Ensuring interoperability through LRS, SSO, SCORM, and xAPI compliance

Modernization and migration services

Modernization and migration services

  • End-to-end system re-engineering
  • Legacy system migration
  • Reliable cloud migration
  • Migration testing and business continuity