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Just in 60 seconds, you’ll find out how Oxagile’s video conferencing platform works, what features you’ll get at the very start, and how we can scale the VCP tailored to your eLearning needs.

We know how online video goes hand in hand with eLearning tools

K-12 education

  • Virtual classrooms
  • Flipped classrooms

Universities, colleges

  • Conference streaming
  • Remote examination
  • Lecture streaming

Professional training & certification

  • Live webinars
  • One-on-one professional coaching sessions
  • Proctored exam sessions

Give your learners online video perks with Oxagile’s VCP

“Time is money, or we can’t afford it”

  • We tried to implement third-party video-conferencing services such as Twilio, Zoom, or Amazon for teachers to organize flipped classrooms, but they need additional costs, which doesn’t fit our school’s budget.
  • We decided to build a video conferencing platform from ground zero to launch new video-based professional courses for leadership coaching, but we faced high development costs, which is too expensive for our EdTech startup project.
  • In search for video conferencing opportunities to take proctored exams and certification sessions, we’ve understood that we need a custom solution to implement all the required functionality, which will take longer time to market than expected.

What we prepared for you

To reduce development costs and time to market, our R&D EdTech team created a video conferencing MVP with a set of pre-built features. It allows us to build any video solution for education in less time and at reasonable pricing.

“Can’t scale seamlessly within days”

  • Our EdTech product has a complex infrastructure, so the integration of third-party video conferencing services may break the whole technological landscape.
  • Our college’s departments have diverse requests for adding new functions, from incorporating whiteboards for live seminars to online chatting while streaming lectures, but the current solution’s architecture doesn’t allow fast and smooth extensions.

What we prepared for you

We can easily extend VCP with additional features, including screen sharing, online video chats, and participants’ reaction displays, or any custom features as per client’s request. Due to the system’s clear and understandable code, developers, be they Oxagile’s team or a client’s in-house team, can scale the platform with new functionality faster, without rewriting the core code.

Prepare to scale your online video solution for hands-on eLearning

Start video conferencing with VCP’s pre-ready set of features

We integrate default functionality that includes online video calling capabilities and screen sharing to demonstrate educational materials to students.

Captivate students with interactive features in your VCP solution

As per your request, we can also add tailored functionality like virtual whiteboards or live test reviewing to make eLearning video sessions more engaging.

Ensure smooth video conferencing across EdTech platforms

Expand eLearning experience by going mobile or developing a cross-platform online video solution to cover multiple OSs and devices, including Android, iOS, Tizen, and webOS.

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What makes the concept of VCP stand out

  • Unlimited live streaming

    Through distributed sessions allowing you not to limit the number of video sessions managed by the server and live stream the content with minimal delays.

  • Cloud-agnostic architecture

    Offering custom deployment options, on-premise or cloud, with no need to use only a specific cloud service provider.