Make DevOps work for you — frustration-free

As your DevOps consultant, we factor in your unique business goals and propose improvements that make the biggest difference in your situation. Our job is to give you peace of mind and make your life easier, enabling you to make the most out of your cloud resources and investment.

AWS and Microsoft certified

Analysis, strategy, design

No-nonsense recommendations

Your challenge: Reliability

Isn’t it exasperating when a traffic spike takes an important server down?

Does it frustrate you when end-users reach out to you way more than necessary complaining about slowness and service availability?

It’s incidents like these that could eventually jeopardize careers and have financial consequences nobody wants.

We know the challenges you face. Let our DevOps team carefully analyze your infrastructure and offer insights and hands-on assistance in areas that affect you and your business the most.

Problems we solve

  • Reliable resource provisioning without guesswork
  • Network bottlenecks ruining performance
  • Sub-optimal workload architecture
  • Non-existing or inadequate emergency levers

What to expect

  • Data-driven architectural choices
  • Resource scalability without over- or under-provisioning
  • Improved availability and uptime
  • Quick identification of points of failure for enhanced resilience

Your challenge: Security

Are you worried wrong people might be able to access sensitive stuff in the cloud?

Does a lack of proper security policies put you at risk of non-compliance?

Data compromises and security incidents can undermine a brand, destroy customer loyalty and even result in hefty fines.

We know the risks very well. As an ISO 27001-certified company, we can help you gain better insights into your security landscape and implement a trustworthy DevSecOps strategy to keep these risks at bay.

Problems we solve

  • Unauthorized access puts data at risk
  • Hard to keep tabs on who does what in the cloud
  • Lack of assurance keys and secrets are safe
  • Slow and reactive incident response

What to expect

  • Optimized cloud security landscape
  • Improved identity and access management
  • Adequate change control and transparent audit trails
  • Proactive security and vulnerability discovery

Your challenge: Cloud costs

For a CFO, it’s “reducing operational expense”.

But for you it’s being saddled with squeezing more out of the infrastructure for less money — without somehow letting the quality go down.

You might end up taking the blame for failing to meet budget targets.

You may even have to let one of your veteran engineers go to cut costs.

The good news is that in many cases optimizing cloud costs is a real possibility. What you need is a trusted DevOps cost optimization specialist who will run a thorough evaluation to help you make cost-effective decisions.

Problems we solve

  • Sub-optimal and often expensive resource usage
  • Inability to cut costs without hurting quality of service
  • Scaling capacity without cloud costs burning a hole in your pocket
  • Lack of cost predictability hurts budget planning for stakeholders

What to expect

  • Knowing exactly where the main cost culprits are
  • Right-sized resource consumption
  • Improved cost attribution and visibility going forward
  • Proactive costs monitoring and budget allocation

What is your challenge?

Every client is unique — and we need to learn more about the specific challenge you’re facing.

Let us put a cloud-certified consultant on the job to help you overcome whatever roadblocks you are hitting.

Send in the DevOps consultants

A hallmark of great leadership is the ability to recognize when to bring in a trusted source. Our DevOps teams are passionate about what they do and can help you take this weight off your shoulders.

Depending on your needs, we can bring in a single certified consultant for an evaluation. We can also take you from audit and analysis through implementation and beyond.

Regardless of the engagement strategy, count on us to share creative ideas and recommendations that will open new avenues of what’s possible with your cloud resources and help you and your unit shine.

From audit to solutions — the process is simple

Analysis and audit

We start off with a streamlined, headache-free audit with no disruption to your internal processes. Our DevOps specialists collaborate closely with your key stakeholders to understand your infrastructure needs and elicit pain points.

We then carefully analyze the underlying architecture and processes based on key metrics — to pave the way for improvements.

Insights and recommendations

Once we have a complete picture of your infrastructure, it’s time to prepare a detailed, easy-to-understand report with actionable insights.

Our consultants further use these findings to provide specific tailored recommendations and develop a roadmap for you to achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently.

Implementation and optimization

Depending on your situation, implementing the recommendations can be a project of its own.

Our DevOps and cloud engineers have the skills and experience to take the load of post-audit optimizations off your shoulders.

Choosing to extend our engagement can help you save time and efforts of your in-house team, all while achieving streamlined value delivery pipelines and ultimate infrastructure performance.

Ready to start?

Let’s get the ball rolling and start with a tailored audit to address your unique constraints, challenges, and specific requirements.

Contact us, and we’ll get back to you ASAP to learn more about your situation and help move things forward.

Consultant spotlight

Meet Anatoly, a Senior DevOps Consultant

In his role, Anatoly partners with clients to help them increase development agility and boost resilience through DevOps best practices.

For the past 6 years, Anatoly has focused on AWS optimization and consulting, working with high-profile clients and managing international teams. A certified AWS Solutions Architect Professional, Anatoly loves challenges and advocates a business-first, no-nonsense approach to cloud.

“Anatoly and his team were instrumental in helping us significantly improve the performance and reliability of our eCommerce platform. We can now serve our fast-growing customer base and handle traffic spikes much more efficiently. Another important bonus — we now save almost 40% on infrastructure costs.”

— Mike D., VP of Engineering