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We Are a Leading Node.js Development Company

Whether you need to build your business solution from scratch or enhance it with advanced functionality, use our Node.js web development expertise. For years, we’ve been relying on this popular server-side JavaScript framework to deliver a host of fast, scalable business applications that helped our clients succeed.

Leverage Our Node.js Development Expertise to Reach Your Business Goals

Since 2009, we’ve accumulated vast experience in building Node.js-based industry-specific applications. Count on our expertise across 27+ verticals and business domains to create your next mission-critical solution.


EdTech and



Implement highly interoperable EHR and EMR software into your medical practice to refine diagnostics and treatment, improve medical workflows, and minimize operational costs. Capitalize on Node.js development to increase outreach and boost patient engagement through HIPAA-compliant patient portals, mHealth apps, or telehealth software.

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Reimagine the educational process with Node.js-enabled eLearning solutions, while staying in accordance with your institution’s policies and requirements. Introduce business-critical features like online scheduling, course building, video conferencing, and file sharing to meet the demands of students and educators.

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Stay ahead of the game and respond to tomorrow’s challenges with impactful AdTech solutions. Harness our Node.js web development and machine learning expertise to effectively manage ad inventories, optimize yield, and infuse audience targeting with deep campaign performance insights.

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Turn visitors into buyers with personalized recommendations, AI-powered chatbots, and secure payments. Blend data from a variety of sources to obtain a broader overview of customer behavior. Embrace Node.js to successfully tackle tremendous peak traffic and ensure an outstanding shopping experience while maximizing ROIs.

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Use Our Node.js Development Know-How to Gain a Competitive Edge

Keep your costs down
Capitalize on a shared JavaScript codebase for both the server and the client side to cut costs by up to 47%. Enable faster feature delivery, reduce man-hours, and improve productivity — without the expense of hiring additional staff.
Ensure a blazing-fast user experience
Benefit from a non-blocking, event-driven model to build real-time, multi-user applications, including interactive games, WebRTC applications, and collaboration tools. Easily handle a slew of concurrent connections to ensure a compelling user experience.
Get unequalled scalability and flexibility
Combine the microservices architecture with Node.js API development to create a highly scalable solution that can deal with a meteoric growth of your user base. Enable continuous deployment and introduce fast, hassle-free changes to successfully cope with constantly evolving requirements.
Reduce time to market
Tap into npm to assemble reusable code components in brand new ways, accelerating your project. Employ our custom, ready-made Node.js modules to promptly equip your application with new functionality, while easily addressing market and user demands.

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Take Advantage of Our Node.js Technology Competence

Our Node.js experts are skilled in an array of innovative techs and frameworks, which lets them engineer effective solutions tailored to your business needs.

LoopBack, Express, Koa
Data Management
  • RDBMS: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL: MongoDB, Firebase
Memcached, Redis, Node Cache Manager
Elasticsearch, Solr
RabbitMQ, Node AMQ

Hire Our Seasoned Node.js Developers to Build a Groundbreaking Solution

Well-rounded experts
Oxagile boasts a strong team of 30+ Node.js experts ready to assist you at any stage of the software development cycle — from business analysis and consulting to implementation and support.
T-shaped professionals
A genuine commitment to continuous mentoring and training allows our Node.js development team to stay on the cutting edge of innovation and be well-versed in key techs and methodologies — from Express and LoopBack to Scrum and Kanban.
A proven track record
An early adopter of Node.js, Oxagile has built a wide range of business projects, helping fast-growing startups and Fortune 500 companies alike foster their digital transformation and outstrip the competition.

Explore Our Node.js Projects

Over the years, Oxagile has developed a great number of Node.js solutions, helping companies revamp their business workflows, expand revenue opportunities, and boost service efficiency.

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