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Empowering Healthcare Delivery with Technology

Custom Healthcare Software Development

Oxagile builds custom medical software to help health systems, hospitals, clinics, assisted living facilities, and other providers improve patient outcomes, balance costs, and secure PHI.

We provide caregivers with task-driven solutions that enhance diagnostics and treatment, improve medical workflows, engage patients, and tackle day-to-day challenges on the way to value-based care.

Solutions That Save Lives

Enable Virtual and Augmented Reality for Next-Gen Care

Connect with Patients Everywhere

Enhance Operations across Your Organization

Improve Health Professionals’ Performance

Employ Data Analytics for Fact­Driven Decisions

Bring along virtual and augmented reality to unlock interactive patient experiences, advanced health professional training, improved physical and mental treatment, and foolproof surgeries. We build custom healthcare solutions in areas such as:

  • Professional training, including real-time examination and diagnosing simulation, anatomy learning, surgery rehearsal, etc.
  • Virtual simulation for robot-assisted surgery
  • Patient education for self-diagnostic, pre-treatment, pre-surgery and other purposes
  • Pain management for chronic condition treatment, wound care, etc.
  • Mental health treatment, including phobias, PTSD, autism, etc.
  • Physical therapy for recovery after stroke, fracture, surgery, etc.

Care delivery costs and outcomes depend on how actively your patients maintain their health. You can boost their involvement and make them feel safe and valued by expanding care beyond the doors of your organization. Reach out to patients where and when they need it with the help of:

  • Patient portals
  • mHealth apps
  • Healthcare CRM
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Patient engagement solutions

Make sure every employee and asset in your organization perform at the highest level within three key dimensions – prevention, diagnostics, and treatment. Optimize department and individual performance, finances, reporting, utilization, and other mission-critical processes through:

  • EHR and EMR
  • Practice management
  • Referral management
  • Inventory management
  • Supply chain management
  • Revenue cycle management
  • Workforce management
  • Enterprise content management

Accountable and value-based care requires that your employees have all the necessary and convenient tools to help patients timely and effectively. Equip surgeons, physicians, and nurses with the right technology to streamline routine and time-consuming tasks. Let doctors be doctors using systems such as:

  • Apps for emergency physicians
  • WebRTC solutions for telehealth and emergency
  • Point-of-care solutions
  • Perioperative and postoperative applications
  • Laboratory information systems
  • Prescribing solutions
  • Radiology solutions
  • Hospital interoperability applications
  • Clinical decision support systems

Tap into our Big Data and BI expertise to handle large, diverse and complex electronic healthcare data sets beyond the capabilities of traditional data management software. Make informed decisions to achieve higher-quality care at lower costs through insightful understanding and management of:

  • Patient health outcomes
  • Patient-generated health data from mHealth apps
  • Utilization
  • Employee performance and training
  • Assets
  • Costs
  • Financials
Let’s Talk About Your Needs

Whether you want to reduce readmission rates, eliminate care cycle gaps, or increase revenue – let us know about your needs, and we will sit together to design a straightforward solution.

Why Oxagile

Custom Development

In healthcare, one size never fits all. Private practices, hospices, ACOs or any other provider – most organizations need a tailored approach to their needs. Our custom solutions are adapted to caregivers’ challenges and goals, supporting the outstanding care they provide to their patients.

Security and Compliance

You care about the security of sensitive patient data, and so do we. We will make sure that your medical solution is safe against threats and compliant with the standards and regulations such as HIPAA and HITECH, ICD-10, DICOM, and more.

Awesome UI and UX

Oxagile’s design and development skills are deeply rooted in user needs. Striving to increase the efficiency of health care delivery, we ensure excellent user experience at each touchpoint so that even non-techies feel at home.

QA and Testing

Software reliability is key to ensuring successful adoption by patients and staff. With Oxagile’s excellent record in delivering quality assurance and testing services, you will get a mature solution that shows stable operation as well as unparalleled speed and security.

Featured Case Studies

iPad-Optimized EMR System

A mobile solution that enables nurses and clinic receptionists to manage patient records and appointments, perform employee training, and generate custom reports.

Home care agencies, assisted living facilities, and small practices use this system to deliver better care to their patients.

Patient Portal and Mobile Apps for Older People

A HIPAA-compliant web portal backed with native mobile apps to help older people:

  • view medical records;
  • access a database of over 2,000 care providers;
  • communicate with a physician;
  • upload medical documents and email them to a doctor;
  • find nearby hospitals based on the current geolocation.
Medical Care Voucher System

A corporate health solution designed for an Irish healthcare company that aims to transform the way patients experience medical treatments.

Besides the development, Oxagile assisted the client with business optimization ideas and customer service improvements to capture additional opportunities in the healthcare market.

Unlock Your Value-Based Care Opportunities

In this ever-changing healthcare environment, care providers need to rethink their clinical and business processes with a mind open to technology and innovation. Our technical experts are ready to take on your challenges, supporting you at every step of the way to value-based care.