Leverage our financial risk management competence

From conducting an extensive security audit of IT infrastructures to building fraud detection software, we provide full-cycle financial risk management services to safeguard your business.

Business case analysis

We perform comprehensive security audits of your financial infrastructure to identify security threats and gaps. Our experts also provide compliance analysis services to make sure your financial software fully meets officially established requirements and regulations.

IT security roadmapping

After a thorough analysis of your business operations, we develop a detailed data protection and incident prevention plan with strictly defined roles and resource allocation. The next step is to create an overarching security roadmap explaining how to implement the required security capabilities — in order to address the threats specific to your organization.

Software development

Whether you need to enhance your existing financial software with advanced identity and access management functionality or build a turnkey fraud detection solution, we’ve got your back. Underpinned by extensive frontend expertise, performance engineering skills, cross-domain knowledge, and QA know-hows, we’re here to make your project succeed.

Making your security needs a priority

For the last decade, we’ve been solving the most daunting security challenges imposed by the nature of finance and banking sphere. Now, we can effectively apply our ready-to-use know-hows to address your major business needs.

Enterprise-grade financial risk management

We use our decade-long ML expertise to proactively manage risks around your enterprise activities.

  • Accurate sales forecast
  • Advanced financial market analysis
  • Comprehensive interest rates research
  • Extensive investment risk analysis

Regulatory compliance

Hire our security experts to ensure regulatory compliance of your enterprise systems with all major standards such as NCUA, OCC, FDIC, FFIEC, and more.

  • Comprehensive security testing and threat detection
  • Compliance management workflow automation
  • Proactive real-time compliance status tracking
  • Activating automated regulatory change alerts
  • Robust compliance and security reporting with intuitive dashboards
  • Establishing company-wide risk management policies

Credit card fraud identification

Capitalize on our know-hows around big data, BI, and ML to spot suspicious activities early and prevent credit card fraud.

  • Overarching data collection from sources like clients’ devices, social media, call center conversations, and more
  • Creating user profiles with behavioral patterns
  • Notifying customers about suspicious activities like exceeding usual monthly spending amounts, simultaneous card payments from different cities, and more
  • Constant ML model training to drive accuracy and eliminate false positives

Cyber risks mitigation

We use cutting-edge approaches and techs to secure your financial software against the most sophisticated cyber attacks.

  • PCI credit card compliance
  • Biometric authentication
  • Robust identity and access management
  • Firewall deployment and maintenance
  • Strong data encryption methods (AES-256, RSA, etc.)
  • Comprehensive disaster recovery plans to ensure business continuity

Physical fraud detection

We combine our computer vision expertise with deep learning knowledge to build image analysis and video surveillance solutions with advanced functionality.

Leverage our testing expertise for better data security

From creating a coherent enterprise-grade QA strategy and delivering extensive reports on system vulnerabilities to giving actionable security recommendations and providing ongoing support, we’ve got you covered.

Security code analysis

We perform both static code and dynamic code analysis to identify security issues, including exploits, vulnerabilities, or even malicious code. Then, test results are triaged and prioritized based on what needs to be fixed first — to make your critical data even more resistant to attacks.

Vulnerability scanning

Harness our QA skills to automate the process of identifying potential and known vulnerabilities in your network devices such as firewalls, routers, switches, servers, and applications. We use robust testing tools to examine each security weakness in depth and deliver reliable, actionable reports.

Penetration testing and ethical hacking

Engage our high-skilled talent to check your financial software against any kind of vulnerabilities, including unknown ones . We follow best practices around ethical hacking and social engineering as well as use all major penetration tests — including internal, external, blind, double-blind, and targeted testing — to detect and proactively address potential threats.