Bring Innovation and Value into the Learning Process

Learning Process

E-learning software development has been one of Oxagile’s key competences virtually since its expertise allows it not only to develop e-learning applications and platforms of various types, but also to provide foundations, and the company has accumulated a vast body of knowledge in this field. Our company consults education providers on optimal implementation strategies and approaches. Our e-learning competence rubs shoulders with the rest of the company’s diverse technological skill set, facilitating the use of the most advanced and up-to-date multimedia, storage and collaboration technologies, such as high-quality IP video, cloud-based services and interactive online workspaces.

We have established strong bonds with leading e-learning providers, ISVs and APSs to offer a solid mix of the industry’s best practices, own hands-on experience and solutions for the most burning needs of educational institutions and students.

We have substantial experience in the following areas:

Learning Process
  • Web Content Management System Development
  • Standalone E-learning Software Development
  • Scheduling System Development
  • Reporting and Progress Assessment Software Development
  • Email Marketing and Mass Mailer Software Development
  • CRM Solutions Development
  • Electronic Library Software Development
  • Issue Tracking Application Development
  • Knowledge Base Application Development
  • Application Integration with Online Payment Systems and Social Communities

Our e-learning and education solutions are not limited to virtual classes, interactive learning environments and online courses supporting massive multi-user video chats. The expertise we have in the field can be easily applied for developing enterprise-level document repositories with rich collaboration and reporting functionality, corporate training programs and other solutions of a similar profile where Oxagile’s capabilities in adjacent areas can be efficiently leveraged.

For more information about our e-learning software development services, references and portfolio samples, please feel free to contact our sales department.

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