Startup nightmares

What makes up a great startup? A vision that guides your decisions, passion that drives your project, and, most often than not, disturbing nightmares that keep you up at night, of course!

Remedies for nightmares

As a startup once ourselves, and as a trusted startup technology partner over the years, Oxagile has gained a profound insight into all dreaded scenarios that leave startup owners with under-eye circles from sleepless nights. This is why we treat your project with the same level of care as we would our own, making sure that our core principles serve as remedies to any potential nightmares.

Protecting your valuable sleep with our service offering

How about we trade in pesky nightmares for delightful dreams instead?

Sweet dream #1

“Our product is so popular that people can’t wait to get their hands on it. And when they do – they’re beyond satisfied.

We made it a reality with Oxagile's ProCD framework for evidence of the potential success

To secure the product’s success in the market, we guided our client through the critical questions, ensuring the answers always stayed relevant throughout the entire development journey.

For whom?

Who is our target audience?
What needs do they have?

Better than who?

Who are our competitors?
Why are (or will) we better than them?

What & why?

How do (or will) we meet our target audience’s needs?
How to meet these needs faster and easier?

Beauty lies in the constant and harmonious interplay of 3 components: learning, building, and measuring.

First, during the learning step, we delve deep into our research, answering every question above with different instruments to justify all our development decisions. Once we’ve got a plan in place, we use the knowledge gained to start building. And then we step back to carefully analyze and measure the interim results of what was implemented. Such corrective actions allow us to make tweaks and modifications for additional risk management.
This cycle remains ongoing and continues without interruption to keep the project growing and improving without missing a beat.

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Sweet dream #2

“I can hear the sound of high-fives and cheers as we’re pulling off a timely launch of the project that perfectly matches our investors’ original vision! But wait, it gets better – we even manage to come in under budget!

We made it a reality with transparency and predictability each step of the way

Predictable Scrum

  • Small sprints, velocity plans, and ongoing monitoring of 3 co-dependent factors: Scope, Timeline, and Budget.
  • Real-time and in-depth sign-off reports and demos after each sprint.
  • Full stakeholder access to all project environments.

CI/CD Practices

  • Up to several releases per day with the possibility to instantly receive feedback from stakeholders
  • Automation to reduce the cost and human involvement
  • Superior code quality since code problems are known nearly in real time, and simplified rollback that takes minutes, not days

PoC & MVP for testing fresh ideas

  • Serious budget and time economy based on Pareto principle and the right prioritization
  • Faster release and feedback thanks to development by iterations with follow-up feedback and improvements
  • Easy idea testing without exhausting planning by focusing on the most important things to check first

Oxagile's Predictable Scrum

We not only talk the talk, but we walk the walk. See firsthand how we put our words into action applying the Scrum framework.

Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery

With CI/CD practices we create a sustainable delivery flow – we add small pieces of code daily and immediately check their impact on the overall project. This allows for quick identification and rollback of any issues that arise. Moreover, we ensure a stable build, since every small change undergoes integration and regression tests before being deployed to production.

The MVP / PoC techniques

Just like with testing the waters before diving in headfirst, we opt for validating new technological ideas with Proof of Concept / Minimum Viable Product before investing significant resources. This way we reduce the risk of failure and increase the chances of success.

Sweet dream #3

“The developer is executing every task with unfailing reliability, while I sit back, relax, and just keep a watchful eye on every step of the progress.

We made it a reality by placing quality at the forefront of our approach

Comprehensive view

  • Tests automation
  • Requirements management
  • Thoughtful architecture
  • Engineering practices


Years of experience have convinced us of the importance of taking a comprehensive approach to quality assurance, one that extends far beyond just the presence of a QA engineer in a team.



  • The institute of internal auditing covers a wide range of delivery zones: PM, BA, architecture, quality, DEV, DevOps, UI/UX.
  • Offering valuable external perspectives from chief-level experts, providing fresh and abstract insights.


To ensure adherence to industry best practices, we continuously monitor and make audits of key project metrics such as milestones, quality, budget, feedback, and other.

Automation QA framework

  • Custom modules to rapidly test applications and APIs in parallel.
  • Continuous testing to deliver shippable increments without regression debt and release delays.
  • Statistics-driven ROI calculator to determine cost savings.

Our robust AQA framework enables us to slash testing costs and eliminate regressions to release with confidence.

Oxagile’s clients are the best narrators of our quality approach success

See how all these technical skills and quality control have helped us reach tangible benefits for our startup clients.

Working with the team has been awesome, and having their support and their insights just invaluable.

I look forward to working with them again in the future!

The Oxagile team was essential to the success of Admeld. I’ve always been impressed by their engineering skills as well as their ability to suggest alternatives.

Brian Adams
Group Product Manager
I highly recommend Oxagile to anybody who is looking for a strong partner who can really integrate with your team

The HanseCom team has been working closely with the Oxagile technical team for over 2 years and we have been nothing but amazed by their expertise and dedication.

Sebastian Neil Hölken
Chief Operating Officer
We exceeded our business targets and opened up a new revenue channel.

We really enjoyed working with Oxagile. The team was highly collaborative and communicative, and exceeded our expectations overall. We look forward to the opportunity to work together again on future projects!

Head of Engineering
Kargo Technologies
I highly recommend Oxagile for any size project.

Oxagile provides the best quality deliverables even in the most strenuous times. With our aggressive deadlines, the team was always up to the challenge. They work efficiently on all tasks assigned to them.

Trevor J. Sykes
Vice President Engineering
JumpTV Inc.
A super professional and highly dedicated team.

Oxagile were up for the challenge of developing software reliant on input from prototype hardware, and I’m pleased to say the integration was successful.

Nicola Phillips
School of Healthcare Sciences Cardiff University

Oxagile represents high quality, attention to detail, and the drive to provide the best solution possible to meet and exceed the needs of its clients. They are confident when facing new challenges and have proven to be a great resource for our evolving needs.

Vidya Plainfield
TechSpeed Inc.

Whom we've already helped to get a good night sleep

Over the course of nearly twenty years of development, we have helped numerous startup founders and CEOs across diverse industries to sleep soundly every night, knowing their projects went smoothly on to success and are winning the global markets.

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