Custom DRM solutions

Tap into our DRM services to prevent piracy and revenue loss, ensure compliance with studio and rights-holder requirements, and enable such consumer-centered features as parental control and time-limited trials.

Here is what we can do for you:

  • Integrating with Google Widevine, Microsoft PlayReady, and Apple FairPlay
  • Pairing up with the multi-DRM solutions of Kaltura, Ooyala or Brightcove
  • Developing a custom DRM system tailored to your specific needs

Leverage our expertise in multi DRM solutions

Choosing a DRM vendor goes way beyond the number of supported platforms. You should also consider things like packaging, distribution, license serving, and license acquisition. All these aspects vary from system to system, which only amplifies your challenge — especially when looking to implement a multi-DRM approach.

Moreover, you should think of content keys, play duration, and other restrictions that can affect your video delivery. Our team has the knowledge to tackle these challenges and let your DRM support your business needs, not compete with them.

Discover more benefits

Take full advantage of our extensive online video expertise to build a custom video OTT DRM solution and ensure utmost protection of your VOD and live content.


DRM platforms we support

Take full advantage of multi-DRM content protection

Apple FairPlay

Safari • iOS • Apple TV™

Google Widevine

Chrome • Firefox • Opera • Android • Chromcast™ • Android TV • Samsung Smart TV

Microsoft PlayReady

Internet Explorer • Edge • Chromcast™ • Amazon Fire TV • PlayStation 4™ • Xbox One™ • Android TV • Samsung Smart TV

What you get

Multi-platform delivery

Manage the diversity of formats, browsers, and players to enable protected video playback on desktops, mobile phones, tablets, TVs, STBs, game consoles, and more.

DRM-enabled player

Deliver protected live, on-demand and offline video through a top-notch player that supports multi-bitrate streaming, DVR, advertising, viewership data analytics, VR, and 360° video playback.

Multi DRM integration services

Use a centralized platform to operate and maintain multiple DRM protections serving different types of content and devices — with fewer integrations, complexities, and costs.

Seamless integration with OVP

Make sure that your DRM solution works smoothly with the entire video platform, enabling monetization, analytics, and other mission-critical aspects of your video delivery lifecycle.

AI-driven digital rights management

Enable smart image recognition and NLP algorithms for efficiently identifying where and how copyrighted content is used or mentioned to avoid or identify the violation of digital rights.

Our customers

When it comes to video protection, we believe one-size-fits-all is not going to work. Our DRM experts will enable you to find that sweet spot where protected and watched go hand in hand, bringing tangible benefits for every stakeholder in the video delivery chain:

  • Broadcasters
  • Operators
  • OTT providers
  • Media companies
  • Content owners
  • Content distributors

A key part of the bigger picture

We deliver DRM protection as part of our custom online video solution development services. Our end-to-end offering also covers such areas of video delivery as: