What dating app are users in need of now?

The majority are balancing between the familiarity of the swiping concept, seeking a “Tinder, but better” experience, and at the same time yearning for combating “dating fatigue” in an environment that feels like a social hangout with more user identity.

Our expertise lies in understanding these nuanced user sentiments and translating them into the perfect functionality that can fulfill your target audience’s appetite for connections.

Seizing hearts with dating app development services

Probing the market heartbeat

After examining the competitors, market dynamics, and trends, we’ll suggest technical solutions that solve any challenge singles are facing on other dating platforms, ensuring your concept is not only fiercely competitive, but, depending on your aspirations, is globally admired or regionally appreciated.

360-guidance for your app’s cupid

If your product concept is just getting to know the world, we’ll check the technical feasibility and viability of your ideas and pick the best tools and architecture for headache-free app development. And if your project gets stuck in “it’s complicated” status, we’ll conduct a 360-degree analysis of your processes and come up with effective solutions.

MVP to market

Developing from MVPs to I do’s

We’ll design a detailed development roadmap with a timeline, scoping out any technical requirements, making sure your app covers every aspect from security, privacy, precise matching algorithms, and location targeting to the functionality that will make it unique and distinctive.

Eliminating platform borders for interactions

Our all-encompassing development services let users on any device feel the love — be it Android, iOS, or the web version. Prioritizing a visually pleasing experience, we deliver an attractive and user-friendly UI/UX design, adaptable to any operating system or screen size.

Enhancing your dating app’s charisma

Revamping an already fabulous app is the love of ours as well. We specialize in identifying and implementing optimal monetization models and in-app purchase mechanics, integrating innovative features like AI-powered video chatting to enhance the app’s appeal to users, and, certainly, identifying and fixing any issues and bugs that could potentially have users swiping left on your app.

Varied connections deserve tailored app solutions

  • Traditional dating apps

    Whether users expect a “happily ever after,” or a really good dinner date, they can effortlessly exchange likes, swipes, and plan dates within your dating app.

  • Niche-based apps

    If you want to connect like-minded people, be it for similar career goals or just a desire to share their cat’s pictures — we’ll help you cater your dating app solution to any yearnings.

Dating app development features boosting the app’s value

Going from downloading an app to declaring “that’s the one” can feel like a marathon of challenges. Yet, when the stars (and the right features) align, the hunt for the perfect date becomes a fun-filled outing for your app users.

Now, curious about these “right features”? Voila:

“Long-distance relationships (anything further than 5 blocks away)? No thanks.”

Location tracking

For an easier search, location detection should be super precise, down to centimeters, adapting quickly to show nearby users (or foreigners from specific countries or cities). Plus, this functionality can be leveraged to introduce a feature recommending appealing local leisure options for users to consider for their first date.

“The app nailed my dating type in a few hours? I couldn't do that myself in 30 years.”

AI-based matching and filtering

Apart from introducing mathematical algorithms based on questionnaires, we can integrate AI that will analyze what profiles users swipe and identify common facial features to learn a user’s preferences.

Besides, we use AI to filter fake accounts, detect inappropriate language and ensure that no irrelevant photos are added to the profile.

“I'm not into bias, but I’m gonna need to see your playlist before we get serious.”

Social media integrations

With this feature, signing up through social accounts becomes incredibly easy, plus it lets users show their pictures right from Instagram on their profiles.

Recognizing that favorite songs can speak volumes, we can also enhance the experience by integrating online music streaming platforms like Spotify to allow users to showcase their favorite songs and albums directly on their profiles.

“It’s so refreshing among mindless swiping to hear the voice and see real emotions”

Opting for video and voice messages and calls goes beyond just an authentic experience — it’s a smart move to ward off scammers and catfishing. Drawing on our expertise in WebRTC technology, we can ensure great video and audio quality for real-time communication, and we can also harness AI to detect nudity or obscenity during a call and give users a heads-up in advance.

“If you're feeling a bit short on creativity with an icebreaker, why not try out a game?”

Non-intrusive gamification

Having a lot of experience integrating game elements into various projects and successfully incorporating gamification features like boosts, super likes, and gifts into dating apps, we can take it a step further and give users the option to take compatibility quizzes or solve puzzles about each other’s likes and dislikes, for instance, about movies.

“No time to waste. Arm me to the teeth, so I can find the right person fast.”

Tailored premium packages

In creating our dating apps, we give users the option to spice things up by unlocking premium features like sending unlimited likes, rewinds, setting different location preferences, receiving info on who’s been peeking at their profile or liking them — in a word, everything that fulfills the desire to take full control of one’s destiny in the search for a soulmate.

All that built on a strong core of key elements

  • Comprehensive User Profiles
  • In-app Purchases
  • Virtual Gifts
  • Swiping Mechanisms
  • Chat and Messaging
  • Push Notifications

What makes Oxagile the favored partner for many?

In-depth data expertise

Romance and pragmatic calculations are perfectly compatible when it comes to maximizing the profitability of a dating app. Our experienced team of data engineers and developers can provide guidance on or set up the tracking of crucial KPIs and metrics to ensure that everything happening in the app is transparently presented through objective figures and charts.

Video integration know-how

We have extensive experience helping businesses across different sectors build, scale, and integrate video conferencing platforms, including those for social communication. Our expertise allows us to address specific video usage requirements in any app, incorporating features like video call reactions, interactive elements, and more.

Full transparency

We lay out the project scope, timeline, and costs upfront. We work with agile methods, using predictable Scrum practices. After each sprint, we give you real-time updates, detailed sign-off reports, and demos. Plus, you get full access to all project environments, keeping everyone in the loop.

Case in point: cracking the fun factor in dating with AI and user insights

Beyond a standard set of features, AI facial recognition for verification, and an enhanced matching algorithm, we’ve introduced functionalities aimed at providing a more fun dating experience.

  • Post-date, users have the option to confidentially share feedback with the app’s team. Whether the date was fantastic or it did not lead to a second one — their input assists in refining the matchmaking process and ensuring a positive dating environment.
  • An AI-driven witty chatbot is designed to assist users with engaging conversation openers and thoughtful responses, smoothing the conversational flow.
  • Leveraging user data, including preferences and locations, this location-based dating app recommends nearby nice places for the first date, offering users a selection to propose to their matches.

Our success defined by the wins of our clients

“We aimed to take our users beyond just playing a dating slot machine and photo-swiping. In partnership with Oxagile, we’ve incorporated short video and audio clip functionality into profiles, advanced the search, and given matched couples the chance to take part in a quick quiz together — perfect for sparking a chat. Has it paid off? Three months after these updates, we’ve seen a threefold drop in reviews below 4! So yes, it definitely has.”

Anything we missed? Then here’s more info coming your way!

What is the process of developing a dating app?

We start with project analysis for the dating app, design a user-friendly interface, move on to development after the design approval, conduct thorough quality assurance testing, and finally launch on the selected platform.

How much does it cost to create a dating app?

It depends on the number of features, project goals, its novelty, and uniqueness. Typically, the overall expenses start from $20,000 and beyond.

How do you protect users’ privacy?

We have robust data protection policies that clearly outline how we plan on collecting, storing, and using the data. We also ensure the data is stored securely and protected against authorized access or theft, which is achieved through end-to-end data encryption.