Revamp operations. Wow clients. Boost revenue

Thinking about the ways to amaze your existing customers and win new partnerships? How about bringing the power of digital video to the aircraft? OTT experts with decade-long experience, we’re here to help your airline clients drive the next level-passenger journey.

Maximize value for your airline clients by solving their pain points

Your customers are our priority, and we’ll do our best to exceed their expectations. Experts in all things video, we’ll help you solve the most daunting challenges of airline businesses.

Passenger churn is rising

When passengers are poorly engaged and entertained during a flight, they’ll hardly resist the temptation to choose another airline. How to retain customers and avoid dramatic money losses?

Viewing on board is interrupted

Are your clients struggling to ensure stellar viewing experience, which leads to passenger dissatisfaction again? The reason might be glitches in streaming, and we know how to avoid them.

Passenger satisfaction is declining

Are your clients failing to embrace new realities, thus losing demanding air travelers? Help them be more mobile and COVID-aware by leveraging the BYOD concept.


Expand your in-flight entertainment offering

Marketing efforts are failing

If your clients’ revenue from additional services leaves much to be desired, we are ready to unveil how to bring extra business value.

Content delivery isn't paying off

Aren’t your clients getting enough revenue from the content they provide? We know how to avoid throwing content promotion budgets down the drain.

Poor engagement through content

When service on board is great, but passengers don’t turn into regular, the reason might be dissatisfaction with content offering. We know how to deal with this.

Deliver extra business value to your clients

Find out the ways of strengthening your IFE offering with our cross-domain specialists.

Innovation enablement

Want to introduce innovation into your clients’ landscape? We are here to help. Our cross-domain knowledge includes:

  • Computer vision capabilities
  • Data intelligence
  • Performance engineering for live streaming and videoconferencing
  • OTT workflow automation
  • Content personalization

Comprehensive integrations

  • OTT services: Netflix, Pluto TV, HBO Max, BBC, etc.
  • Enterprise-grade systems: CRM, BMS, ERP, etc.
  • E-commerce systems and partner integrations
  • Resource management, billing, sales, and marketing software
  • Third-party analytics systems
  • Integration and business continuity testing
  • Custom APIs, connectors, gateways, and components development