Choosing the right platform can be difficult. There is no single leader in the LMS sector, and solutions do not always align with user requirements. In many cases, organizations choose to customize an existing platform or create their own through, for example, outsourced development.

Five of the leading LMS platforms are Moodle, Totara, Docebo, Blackboard Learn, and SumTotal. For the sake of choosing the right LMS for your business objectives and needs, we have compared them on several criteria, including their like-for-like features and suitability for stratups, enterprises, and educational institutions.

By utilizing the seven key questions discussed in the whitepaper and the provided appraisal of the five leading solutions, you can narrow the choices available to you and make an informed, intelligent decision about the future of your organization’s learning platform.

Appraisal of the five leading LMS solutions by Oxagile