Can you recall the last event you attended that completely enthralled you? The joy of new experiences, encounters and expanding your horizons? For Oxagile, one word combination sums up this feeling perfectly — NAB Show. This four-day event delving into the breakthroughs in multimedia and entertainment never fails to astonish us.

Now, picture yourself entering this world of endless possibilities for the very first time… What if you crossed paths with your most significant clients? What if you were put in the shoes of an organizer? Or imagine realizing you’re wearing your most uncomfortable new boots with a whole day of moving around thousands of fantastic exhibitors ahead?

Diana Dmitrienko

Well, here’s a striking opportunity to hear all about it in detail from our Sales Development Representative, Diana Dmitrienko, who visited NAB Show for the first time. And while Diana is no stranger to large-scale events like IBC, the NAB Show 2024 in Los Angeles turned out to be a whole new world for her. But what if…

If you could give a heads-up about what’s in store for those coming to the conference with just 3 words, what would they be?

There’s a mix of exciting words on my mind, but if I had to narrow it down, I’d say “great networking”, “unexpected innovations”, and a “vibrant atmosphere.” But wait, squeezing it into three is tough because there’s also this strong vibe of “global connections” that’s hard to ignore.

The cool vibes of the conference

The cool vibes of the NAB Show 2024

If you had to pick one aspect that brought you the most joy and that you’d recommend incorporating into every conference, what would stand out to you?

One of the standout features I observed at NAB Show, which I would highly recommend for other conferences, is the exceptional care and attention to detail exhibited by the organizers. Firstly, despite the vast expanse and scale of the event, transportation between halls and different locations was incredibly convenient. There were Tesla Loops and golf carts available at your disposal — simply state your destination, select a spot from the array of parking lots nearby, and you’re on your way. This not only facilitated mobility, but also fostered networking opportunities, with up to three people per vehicle engaging in discussions along the journey.

Overall, the atmosphere felt akin to being in a small yet futuristic and impeccably organized city. Traffic controllers stationed at pedestrian crossings ensured smooth flow throughout. Entertainment was seamlessly integrated into the experience; networking extended beyond the confines of the convention center, whether in cars or on the monorail, with attendees sporting badges initiating conversations wherever they went.

In addition to exhibition stands, designated areas provided opportunities to take a breather and refresh. If a stand was occupied, attendees could easily find a seat.

If you were running NAB Show, what enhancements or new elements would you introduce to make it even better for everyone attending?

Overall, there weren’t any significant negative aspects, but in comparison to IBC, where the booths and stands were vibrantly marked and caught the eye more readily, here, they were not as obvious.

Oh, and I would also make Wi-Fi complimentary. It’s a tiny detail, but it would definitely be appreciated.

Talking about the IBC event, let’s imagine you as the organizer there as well. What would you recommend they change based on the impressions from the NAB Show 2024?

Overall, if we compare these two conferences, I would say that NAB Show wins due to some companies having closed meeting rooms, while at IBC, everyone only had open stands. Here, of course, the closed meeting rooms with sound insulation, which often complemented the open stands of the same companies, greatly contributed to a comfortable dialogue that could go beyond just polite small talk.

Returning to the NAB Show 2024, if you were to revisit a single moment of this conference, which would it be and why?

Honestly, there were so many memorable moments, all made special because of the people, or more precisely, with their diversity: broadcasters, content owners, and streaming service providers from different countries, a diversity of perspectives, a diversity of products from hardware to software, the various tones of communication, humor or views on industry development — even now, just thinking about it brings a smile to my face.

Catchy stands at the NAB Show 2024

Catchy stands at the NAB Show 2024

What if you could distribute spots for the very best stands? Who would get the top three?

May I be a very kind judge and share the top spot with multiple participants? Well, to start, I’d like to highlight the captivating presence of hardware companies in the main hall, showcasing their products. Each display was truly impressive, featuring elaborate lighting, dynamic projections, 3D-effect walls, and attention-grabbing setups, such as entire trucks.

But separately, I would highlight the interactive exhibits, which naturally attract the most attention. These included engaging attractions like a prizes-for-all lottery, an adorable robotic dog, and displays featuring VR goggles. And my personal favorite was the voting booth featuring pipes labeled with different trends, where attendees could toss a ball into the one they deemed the most significant. Unsurprisingly, the crown for the predominant trend was claimed by Generative AI.

If you had the chance to arrange the placement of exhibitors or attendees, who would you want to be surrounded by?

Here, the answer will be more definite — I would love for our booth to be surrounded by companies whose interests align with ours, such as our longtime partners like Dalet or AJA. Life at the event is buzzing, and it’s incredibly rewarding when you can engage in meaningful conversations without spending precious time navigating vast spaces.

Dalet and AJA booths

Dalet and AJA booths

If you could turn back time, what’s one thing you would never do again based on your experience at NAB Show?

As cliché as it may sound, I’d make it a rule to only wear comfortable, tried-and-tested footwear. Because at such events, you’re constantly on the move, and considering that one engaging meeting could be in one hall, the next in another half an hour later, and the third in yet another — even catching the Tesla Loop required a bit of a walking workout.