Having around 20 years of experience in the media streaming domain, Oxagile is not a newcomer to Amsterdam’s IBC show, but the representative team is changing from year to year! It’s a pleasure to share our experience of IBC 2023 and highlight the best. We talked to our team members who were networking at the exhibition and addressed them the same questions. Do you think a first timer’s and an old timer’s experiences would differ? Let’s find out!

Meet our team members

Oleg Stepanyuk

Oleg Stepanyuk

Head of Delivery Partnership and Presales Engineering

Diana Dmitrienko

Diana Dmitrienko

Sales Development Representative

Which three words would spring to mind if you recalled IBC 2023?

Diana: To my mind, they may be global, insightful, and dynamic, which complement each other when we speak about IBC 2023. The scope of the show feels global as exhibitors from all over the world get together to network and introduce their best practices and products that can add value to the media streaming industry. Like the entire OTT streaming market, this annual event is dynamic, helping all the players be on the same page. Finally, you get plenty of insights into the latest innovations, high-demand products, and collaboration opportunities.

Oleg: I would name two phrasal associations: “Back to personal meetings” and “AI under human supervision.” When I first entered RAI Amsterdam this year, I thought, “It really sees awakening after lockdown restrictions.” Although it’s been the second onsite IBC since COVID-19 restrictions, 2023’s show made me feel you are back to buzzing with people in person like never before. That’s fantastic! When it comes to AI, it was really under discussion wherever you went in RAI Amsterdam. Still, the main point is that AI still can’t be integrated without human supervision. AI won’t replace humans soon, but it will augment human intelligence.

IBC 2023 Through Oxagile’s Eyes: First Timer vs. Frequent Visitor

Indeed, AI has been a buzzword recently. It seems like it was front and center at IBC 2023.

Oleg: It has, but it’s not the one buzzword. First, there’s a growing demand for local streaming services. Though huge OTT providers like Netflix and Disney expand their presence worldwide, viewers are still interested in local content that looks and feels native to them. Secondly, as the digital media landscape evolves, challenging copyright laws and threatening intellectual property like never before, DRM solutions matter.

What was your typical day like during the IBC exhibition this year?

Oleg: Each day was very intensive, as it was full of meetings, conversations, and small talks. Still, it’s a pleasure to understand this growing interest in Oxagile’s services. It means our expertise is in demand.

Diana: Every day, I started with a cup of coffee and a healthy breakfast to be ready for a busy schedule. Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper. Just after the first exhibit day, I recollected this proverb. All three days at IBC were full of fruitful conversations with the booth’s and exhibition’s attendees to introduce Oxagile’s team and expertise and identify how we can benefit each other. The evenings were not alike. For instance, on the second one, we were invited to a gala dinner with IABM award participants and winners. And of course, while reflecting on the results, I couldn’t but finish the day with a smoothie, which is so popular in Amsterdam.

What’s the most exciting meeting you had during IBC 2023?

Oleg: When you feel a personal touch, you remember the conversation for a long time, and we had plenty of such warm meetings. Among them was a product demonstration by one of the exhibitors. I remember the CTO’s passion for the product when he was telling us about its pros and cons. It drives passion in us, too, as it’s great to find and keep in mind potential technology integrations that we could deliver for our clients.

Diana: I think it might be a conversation with one of the content security providers. After some small talk with their representative, we outlined their business needs. During the next meeting with our team, we discussed potential partnership models. You never know where exchanging a few words may bring you!

IBC 2023 Through Oxagile’s Eyes: First Timer vs. Frequent Visitor

If I asked you, “IBC is a place where you can … ”, what would you say?

Oleg: … Where you can see the entire media streaming ecosystem in one place. When working with accounts, you typically dive into a particular segment of the industry, like DRM, media asset management, and others. When you are at IBC, you can network at almost every level of media streaming. This helps you be on the same page with them.

Diana: This question made me dive into evening reflections! For me, it’s a place where you can truly immerse yourself in the industry specifics, the atmosphere of ongoing in-person conversations, and networking with OTT knowledge keepers.

What are the top things you are impressed with other IBC exhibitors?

Oleg: First off, it’s a huge audience! This year, the organizers reported “over 43,000” visitors. Secondly, it’s curious to observe the way exhibitors change their presence at IBC from year to year. For example, some market players are regular booth exhibitors, while the others are flexible in choosing exhibit formats. It’s all about business agility in an evolving market.

Diana: What really makes me feel excited about IBC is the scale of the event. I’m sure it takes incredible efforts for IBC producers and exhibitors to launch stands that look so impressive, like mini worlds inside the IBC universe. And there’s no doubt that the event was full of friendly, diverse people and a buzzing atmosphere — that’s what really stood out to me.

Let’s wrap it up

Haven’t managed to enjoy small talk with Oxagile’s team or network on your business needs? Feel free to do it online! Enjoy the virtual trip to our IBC 2023 stand and drop us a line. We’ll be happy to get in touch with you.