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Live Streaming Software Development

Live Streaming Software

When streaming live events gets challenging, Oxagile steps in to help customers make sure that nothing gets in the way of a viewer who is about to enjoy the long-awaited moment.

We build fully integrated solutions to allow broadcast-quality live streaming while taking care of the diversity of devices, traffic spikes, piracy, and other obstacles to outstanding viewing experiences. You only get one shot to do live, and we know how to do it right.

Application Areas

Oxagile helps organizations and enterprises stream live video across various types of events and industries:

  • TV broadcasts
  • Sports
  • Houses of worship
  • Entertainment events
  • Conferences
  • Education and training
  • Game streaming
  • Corporate communications

Challenges We Tackle

  • Full-cycle live content delivery with just one technology partner
  • The diversity of platforms, devices, players and formats
  • Simplified management of complex live streaming workflows
  • The ability to scale to an unlimited number of concurrent viewers
  • TV-like QoE (Quality of Experience)
  • High QoS (Quality of Service), including resilience to network congestions and packet loss

Planning your next live streaming endeavor? Let’s sit down and see if our video expertise is a good match for your needs. Contact us, and an expert will get back with you within 24 hours.

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Customizable Player

Implement a top-notch player packed with multibitrate, DVR, simulated live, and recording to provide audiences with TV-quality live streams whatever the device. Let your player go beyond pure playback to support content protection, analytics, and advertising while leveraging next-gen capabilities such as VR and 360 video.

Analytics and QoE/QoS Monitoring

Analyze both viewing behavior and stream quality to get the full picture of how your content performs across various audiences, destinations, and devices. Compare real-time insights with historical data to make informed decisions, and easily share your findings throughout the organization.

Seamless Ad Insertion

Implement server-side ad insertion (SSAI) to enable smooth delivery of pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll commercials, including protection from ad blockers. Ads will be stitched to video files at the server level and then shown as part of the original content.

Second Screen

Take full advantage of second screens to boost and measure viewers’ engagement while they are watching VoD content, and to create more opportunities for advertisers. Deliver interactive, synchronized apps that augment real-time viewing with background information, discussions, polls, games, and much more.

Featured Projects

Highly Scalable Live TV Solution

An intuitive, easy-to-deploy live TV solution designed to help pay TV operators and telecommunications companies gain a competitive edge.

The product streams live channels to iOS- and Android-based devices, implements all the necessary security requirements, and features a scalable backend complete with integrated TV encoders and CDN support.

Feature-Rich OTT Platform

Oxagile developed a full-blown OTT system for a prominent North American online TV network.

The solution offers advanced video asset management, content recording, digital rights management, billing and payment integration, and more.

WebRTC-Based Event Broadcasting App

A powerful WebRTC-based broadcasting app for iOS that leverages the Kurento media server for out­standing performance and communication quality.

The solution enables teams to effortlessly manage live event broadcasts via Facebook and comes with handy features like online chat and built-in analytics.

Learn More About Our Online Video Expertise

Discover more opportunities to deliver high-quality video experiences, protect your content and engage audiences across devices. Tap into our next-gen online video solutions in areas such as:

Let us know about your needs, and an Oxagile expert will get back to you to discuss how a video streaming platform can take live events to the next level.

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