Fully-fledged automation framework

We help companies streamline automated testing for native and cross-platforms apps across a variety of mobile devices, TVs, and STBs. Our team of 30+ AQA engineers utilizes an in-house customizable framework that relies on a winning combination of automation testing techs — both native (Xcode’s XCTest framework and Espresso) and cross-platform (Appium and Selenium).

By enabling simultaneous testing on dozens of physical and emulated devices, our test automation services stand for truly agile mobile product development. That’s where engineers can keep delivering new, better features while discovering issues as early as possible — at no additional cost.

Your benefits of mobile testing services

Short time to value

Tap into our ready-made, highly extensible framework to kick off automated mobile testing in under 5 days and get the ROI rolling from the very first sprint. Speed up continuous delivery pipelines while letting teams test the app against real and simulated environments and instantly spot out defects.


Should the number of your tests or target devices grow, our mobile AQA team will be able to use our mobile stand of physical devices with all popular iOS and Android screen sizes in place. We can also maximize test runs by tapping emulators, extra Appium servers, or cloud device farms like BrowserStack.


We take advantage of parallelism and concurrency to cut the feedback loop for QA and engineering teams by running multiple test suites across dozens of mobile devices at once. Tests can be executed over and over again — at no extra cost. Watch your time-savings turn into cost-savings as early as sprint 12.

Better app quality

Backed by our AQA team, you can build an entirely new delivery culture based on simultaneous test runs, repeatability, early bug fixing, and extended coverage. Our automation framework will support over 90% of your mobile functionality, including image comparison, media playback, and more. This way, we can run myriads of tests of any complexity and length, which is simply impossible with manual testing.

Now let’s see how these benefits map onto your business. Drop us a message describing your project in detail, and our AQA experts will help you maximize your automation capabilities.

Key features of our framework

Our automation framework has been refined across a battery of projects to allow for easy integration with your workflows — be it web, mobile or API testing. Here are the features that will help us do just that.

Modular design

Our framework provides a fully-fledged package of mobile testing utilities covering the WebDriver API management, logging, error handling, and more. The framework’s POM-based architecture helps us write code that is easy to read, maintain, and reuse.

Flexible execution

We provide a ready-made and customizable data storage packed with demo data and scripts to start testing near-actual business entities right away. Get instant results across all test cases, environments, and mobile devices — all manageable even by non-tech-savvy stakeholders.

Actionable reporting

QA teams receive intuitive test reports containing debug information, error messages, stack traces and app screenshots across each platform and device. We use Report Portal for real-time progress visibility while relying on Xray to quickly ascertain test coverage and identify failing tests.

Easier test implementation

Making the most of the dynamic Groovy language when defining CD pipelines enables us to write shorter, simpler and more transparent code. When combined with Gradle and other build automation tools, this translates into 30-40% cost-saving for mobile test definition and support.