Automated API testing services

When browser tests are too slow to provide your agile team with instant, valuable feedback, Oxagile brings in API testing automation services to help you get rid of this stopper. Our team of 30+ AQA engineers will pitch in with a custom, fully-packed framework to easily integrate with your continuous delivery pipelines and start delivering test automation benefits in just days.

Over the past decade, we have gained tremendous experience in handling the complexities of enterprise and industry-specific architec­tures. We have tested HIPAA-compliant medical portals, innovative FinTech solutions, and large-scale adtech systems, to name just a few.

Capitalize on API test automation

Faster testing results

API tests are 5 times faster than browser tests, and way easier to maintain. Combined with parallel test runs, this translates into shorter time to release sign-offs. Leverage our API testing services to dramatically accelerate your agile development workflows.

Shorter feedback loop

When your business logic changes, developers need to know if new bugs and regressions have emerged. Instead of waiting days until end-to-end testing does the job, you can test the API layer in hours and release with confidence.

Reduced overall costs

Automated API testing reduces the manual effort required to achieve your test goals. Moreover, detecting integration issues, performance problems, or vulnerabilities early can rule out costly reworks (let alone customer dissatisfaction) when the product has gone out in the world.

Continuous, high-quality delivery

Continuous delivery is paramount to building a successful, fast-moving product. Along with unit and UI tests, automated API testing is the key ingredient in this equation. Use our ready-made automation framework to achieve lightning-fast feedback and early bug-fixing for your entire regression scope.

Reach out to our AQA experts to know more about the benefits API testing can bring to your product. Send us a short message, and we will get back to you shortly.

What we test

Business scenarios

We check if your business workflows and modules work together correctly throughout the entire services layer.

Third-party integrations

We run automated tests to see if a third-party service that communicates with your application returns the right data.

Internal and private APIs

Since other systems will be trying to integrate with your application, we will make sure they can do it seamlessly.


Our automation strategy covers vigorous testing of security scenarios, including authorization, input validation, output encoding, and HTTP status codes.

Our framework in detail

It takes no more than 5 days for our team to deploy our custom framework and integrate automated API tests (as well as web and mobile, if needed) into your agile delivery workflows. Here are the features that will help us get these tests up and rolling as early as sprint 1.

Benefits of our API test automation framework

Flexible configuration

The test runner module enables configura­tion of test suites in whatever way best matches your delivery pipelines. For example, teams can split API tests into groups, define specific preconditions for tests to run, or choose between multiple environments.

Modular architecture

Our framework contains all the utilities needed to quickly kick off automated API testing. They provide an HTTP sender, data serialization and deserialization, logging, error handling, and more.

Full-fledged data storage

Our AQA team makes the most of the customizable data storage that provides ready-to-go demo data and scripts. That’s how we can start testing your actual endpoints and get manageable results right away.

Tailored extensibility

Our framework’s design allows easily adding custom functionality or logic into API automation workflows. This way, it can take less than 2 hours to set up and configure new API endpoints — instead of 3 days doing it manually.

Dashboard reporting

Teams and stakeholders get visual sign-off reports that offer a complete view of your automated tests across all API calls and third-party integrations. Failing tests, test coverage, debug information, and stack traces — we got it all.

Parallel test execution

We make the most of multithreading and parallelism to achieve an up to 480x speed-up in test execution compared to manual testing. This way, we can easily check more API endpoints at no additional cost.

Featured case studies

Check out the unique business challenges we have solved for the world’s leading companies. We synergized our multi-year automated API testing expertise around key domains to dive deep into each projects’ specifics and achieve measurable business results.