Rapid cross-browser testing

Oxagile helps companies involved in large-scale web development projects to maximize test automation capabilities while improving the quality of their QA and reducing expenses. We have the talent and tools to quickly kick off and scale automation across multiple browsers, devices, and test environments.

At the core of our expertise is a ready-to-go web automation framework that can smoothly integrate with your workflows and deliver instant, incremental value. We’ll help you power continuous delivery of cool new features without breaking old stuff. We test all things web, including web apps, websites, portals, SPAs, and mobile web.

Your benefits of web test automation

Quick start

Deploy our modular framework in under 5 days to run automated testing for web and mobile web functionality of any kind and complexity. Hire a battle-hardened AQA team with established processes in place, and start reaping benefits from sprint 0.

Reduced costs

Watch automated QA start beating manual testing in terms of cost reduction as early as sprint 12. Cut your total product development costs by enabling web engineers to shorten the feedback loop and discover regressions at the earliest.


Take full advantage of our framework’s architecture to increase the number of tests running across several browsers on a single machine (virtual or physical). You can always add a node to complete even more tests at a time.

Accelerated delivery

Run a battery of functional and regression tests across multiple browsers in parallel — all without increasing test time. Deliver with confidence while completing release sign-offs in a matter of hours, not days.

Progress visibility

Let your stakeholders make smart go/no-go decisions about the project via visualized and easy-to-grasp sign-off reports that can be shared via web dashboards, email, or PDF. Get a 360-degree view of the product quality across platforms and devices.

Improved quality

Roll out a better product by running test suites as many times as you need — without compromising coverage. We automate over 90% of your web or mobile functionality, including visual regression testing, multiple browser interactions, media playback, printing, file handling, and more.

Tests we run

To help you keep rolling out a high-quality web product at reduced cost, the Oxagile team has the expertise to cover all test automation needs you may have:


Now is the time to infuse these test automation opportunities into your web development project. Drop us a quick message, and we will get back to you shortly to discuss implementation.

Key features of our framework

Let our team unveil the true value of automated web testing services for your product with the help of our ready-made, extensible framework. Here is how we enable the benefits you seek most:

Fully packed core

Our framework provides all utility classes to start testing web functionality right away. Cover web driver management, logging, error handling, file system management, automated video capture, and more.

Continuous delivery

With Oxagile’s team in place, you can create a well-oiled CD pipeline that supports complex logic and frequent feature rollouts without breaking your production environment.

POM approach

We favor the page object model approach. Leaning heavily on object-oriented programming, our framework’s architecture enables more readable, maintainable, reusable, and thus cost-efficient code.

Data storage

We bring in high-quality demo data and scripts to power your automated web testing without creating them from scratch. The data we use is very close to your actual business entities, enabling improvement of your product quality from day one.

Intuitive reporting

Our TestNG-based reporting is integrated with JIRA’s Xray to help you track results even before the test suite completes. All test reports contain test case steps and debug data, including error messages, stack traces, and browser screenshots.

Flexible test runner

Allow the project team to get quick feedback on the most critical test cases by easily juggling environments, suites, browsers, and devices. All available in a UI easy to use by stakeholders of any background.

Featured case studies

Check out the unique business challenges we have solved for the world’s leading companies. We synergized our multi-year QA web automation expertise around key domains to dive deep into each project’s specifics and achieve measurable business results.

Our stack

Here is the combination of proven tools we use to maximize our productivity and collaboration, and test web products better:


Java • Groovy

Test Tool

customized Selenium WebDriver

Report Engine

Report Portal • Allure • customized TestNG-based report framework

Test Runner


Build Tool


CI Tool