What game will you play with us at IBC 2023?

Are you looking for brand-new technology tools and innovations to keep up with the demands of the online streaming market? Let’s play a round of OxaCraft at IBC 2023 where we’ll show how to make the most out of the players and tools available and create a technology solution that matters for your online video business. Spoiler: There’s no way to lose in this game.

You are invited to the OxaCraft game

We’ll help you define the right Oxagile player

What kind of game would you like to start? Is an outstanding OTT user experience your goal for now? Would you rather set up a multi-screen strategy to cover more users in the long-term period? Or is extending your online video solution with exclusive innovations what you are looking for? We’ll analyze your current state and provide you with the right “partner in crime” for this game.



Delivering software systems from end to end

  • Video processing and delivery pipeline setup
  • Solution architecture optimization
  • Scalability provision



Improving products and technologies

  • Custom frontend and D2C apps
  • Backend software development
  • New functionality and integration layers



Enabling cutting-edge technologies

  • CV and ML process automation and recommendations
  • Data analytics for content curation and audience intelligence

What’s your background at the very start if you are a ...?

… Content producer

You’re striving to establish an in-house content delivery infrastructure to be closer to viewership metrics analysis, MAM optimization, and effective content syndication enablement. Being a niche player, you aim to craft a unique UX/UI for engaging your audience.


… Content distributor

You target sports fans, movie lovers, live concert viewers, and other niche streaming audiences, so you’re ready for UX experiments to create an intuitive, yet engaging user interface and navigation. To successfully compete with other players, you need to scale new perks as soon as possible.

… Software provider

You are eager to satisfy broadcasters and video streamers with custom front-end features and ensure your OTT solutions work smoothly. Or you may need to embrace metadata management with innovations like computer vision or craft automated advertising functions within your online video software.

Craft your online video path with the tools we have

It’s time to choose what will help your OxaPlayer to create a viable solution for you. We’ve arranged four groups of tools that can tackle your typical challenges.

“Create” tools: Unshakable foundation for video streaming

  • Configurable front-end OTT component development for delivering full-fledged services or providing exclusive functionality for video content distribution
  • Enabling live streaming and VoD services through feature-rich online video solutions
  • CV-based MAM solutions for character recognition in video streams
  • Building flexible MAM infrastructures for flowing scaling
  • Ensuring seamless integrations through a microservices architecture, orchestration middleware
  • MAM systems with an effective UX and optimized performance

“Engage” tools: Build new floors and facilities

  • Second screening for cross-selling, interactive polling, gaming, and sharing info about sportsmen and actors featured in videos
  • Data-driven content recommendations to personalize a content delivery path
  • User-friendly user engagement scenarios with features like catch-up, “continue watching”, highlighting the best scenes on the main screen
  • Clear navigation that allows reaching video content in 2–3 clicks without awkward UX patterns

“Scale” tools: Expand the boundaries of online video

  • Extend viewing experiences through the web, mobile, Smart TVs, STBs with clear navigation and UI and fault-free performance
  • Add streaming apps for popular media streaming devices, including Roku TV, Android TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire TV

“Monetize” tools: Establish a richer viewing audience

  • Connected TV functionality for retargeting TV-viewing capabilities
  • Addressable TV solutions to cover on-demand, live streaming, and linear environments.
  • Advertising solutions for free ad-supported TV
  • Enhancing programmatic DOOH advertising platforms with advanced features

Staying resourceful with unlimited opportunities powered by innovations

Not to reveal all the superpowers we’ve prepared for you in OxaCraft, we’d like to unlock a few of them.

What about getting a complimentary pass to play OxaCraft in Amsterdam?

Our booth, our rules! We’re looking forward to meeting you, so it’s a pleasure for us to make you feel like a special guest at booth 5.H12. Let us know if you want to grab your special invitation to IBC 2023!

Meet your guiders to OxaGame at IBC

  • Sergey Marchuk

    CTO, Co-Founder
  • Irina Maximets

    Account Executive EMEA and APAC
  • Igor Lositsky

    Chief Partnerships Officer
  • Oleg Stepanyuk

    Head of Delivery Partnership and Presales Engineering
  • Diana Dmitrienko

    Sales Development Representative
  • Matt Pinckley

    Regional Business
Director, US

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