OTT integration consulting services

  • Review infrastructure and elaborating requirements
  • Identify third-party and custom components
  • Determine compliance level for requirements and features
  • Perform TCO analysis
  • Receive project vision documents complete with time and cost estimates

No system is too complex

We put together, enhance, and support large-scale, high-load OTT systems, enabling clients to save time and money by minimizing risks and eliminating issues.


  • Enterprise-wide integration of apps, processes, and systems
  • CDN, DRM, analytics, and ad management platforms
  • Big data transfer systems and HSM
  • Billing and CRM systems
  • Integration testing and end-to-end QA
  • Integration with ready-to-use components and in-house QA automation framework

Custom development

  • Custom middleware, connectors, and APIs for efficient data exchange
  • Bespoke content ingestion and transcoding modules
  • Custom media processing workflows
  • Tailored user-facing multiscreen apps across devices
  • Full-cycle STB development (both hardware and software)
  • End-to-end IoT development

Deployment and operations

  • On-prem, cloud-based, or hybrid deployment options
  • Continuous monitoring, alerting, and reporting
  • Comprehensive maintenance services, including L2 and L3 support
  • Detailed documentation and training
  • Market feedback-driven system enhancement
  • Constant product feature innovation based on latest techs (big data, BI, AI, computer vision, and more)