Seems like chatbots are ubiquitous? It’s just a start and here’s why

Regardless of the broad smiles of corporate agents from the other side of the screen, the blend of human intelligence and the straightforward responsiveness of chatbots that don’t expect emotional reciprocity from clients seem to be the perfect solution for customers with any queries.

A customer support representative handles on average 17 interactions every day, while a chatbot — to infinity and beyond. Besides, MIT Technology shows that 90% of complaints are tackled instantly using chatbots if the query is explained properly.

From boring time-tracking and scheduling meetings across multiple calendars to creating knowledge bases and monitoring every legal or administrative change that pertains to your employees — chatbots will take care of everything.

Chatbot development services for personal interactions without a person

Working at the frontier of artificial intelligence technologies and natural language processing algorithms, our AI chatbot developers have the expertise to assist with bringing any ideas to life at any level of our involvement in your project — from providing guidance to developing and implementing a chatbot from stage 0.

  • Сhatbot development

    As a chatbot development company we provide customized full-scale development of solutions to match your requirements. Our AI chatbot services include crafting LLM model-powered conversational bots, voice assistants, as well as specialized CRM/ERP/CM bots.

  • Chatbot design

    Our chatbot developers create custom chatbots to perfectly match your style and solution. Our goal is to create tailored chatbots that seamlessly fit into your concept.

  • NLP and LLM

    We leverage our expertise in natural language processing and modern LLM models to develop custom chatbots that understand emotions and intentions to make the conversations go beyond automated responses to truly human-like interactions.

  • Chatbot integrations

    Ensure your users receive tailored responses with chatbots that tap into information from diverse systems, including SharePoint & Office 365, CRM applications, and Enterprise Content Management.

  • Chatbot consulting

    We’ll identify potential gaps in your current solution as well as provide consultations on the optimal integration of chatbots into your processes and share insights into AI chatbot development nuances, deployment strategies, and design enhancements.

  • Support and maintenance

    We offer immediate post-launch support and maintenance services after your product is introduced to the market.

Open all dimensions of chatbot possibilities

Our expertise lies in leveraging advanced AI technologies to reimagine how you engage with clients. This is why our chatbot solutions are designed to be:


They’ll help you expand your reach worldwide without limits and foster loyalty by talking to users in their language.

Engaging talkers

Detecting sentiments, the bot makes human-like conversations that enhance customer interactions.

Platform chameleons

The chatbot appears wherever your customers need it, without sticking to just web or mobile platforms.

Chatbot solutions beyond any boundaries

At the heart of all our AI chatbot app development services lies the responsiveness of our solutions, guaranteeing smooth communication with the target clients. That is why we easily integrate chatbots across diverse platforms, channels, devices, and screen sizes, including:

  • Websites
  • Mobile apps (iOS and Android)
  • Social media platforms
  • Marketplaces (eCommerce platforms)

Groundbreaking opportunities for any industry

From eCommerce to EdTech — there’s hardly an industry where chatbots can’t shine. And with extensive expertise in diverse domains, Oxagile doesn’t just build chatbots — it helps you turn them into your ultimate wow factor.


Video Streaming

Use chatbots to create polls, quizzes, and trivia with the results displayed on the live stream. Viewers can also benefit from recommendations of other videos, products, or services that are relevant to the live stream topic or niche. Besides, you can use chatbots to collect data and feedback from users to customize the stream content.



A chatbot is a one-stop shop for all participants in the educational experience — from prospective customers to whom it can provide responses to course-related information, including tuition fees or syllabus, to current students who can benefit from prompt feedback, explanations, and updates, and to teachers to whom chatbots can help with creating mock tests and tracking projects and assignments.



Chatbots can simplify the lives of everyone in the marketing and advertising world by serving as knowledgeable assistants, offering guidance on various aspects like product features and its latest updates, as well as give clever suggestions regarding advertising campaigns, which may include tips on what areas to focus on, where metrics might be underperforming, referencing industry benchmarks for comparison, and providing hints on areas that can be enhanced for better results.



Research suggests that incorporating a chatbot to reconnect with customers who abandoned their cart has the potential to increase revenue by 15%. Furthermore, you can elevate the user experience in product purchases through automated queries, real-time suggestions, and prompt shipping updates.


Banking and Finance

As a highly experienced AI chatbot app development company, we don’t stop at merely optimizing operations. Our chatbots are designed to create exceptional and individualized customer journeys. They promptly resolve issues, seamlessly facilitate money transfers, oversee transactions, and offer real-time account balance updates.



Chatbots create a secure space for discussing sensitive mental health topics, identifying high-risk patients and connecting them with care providers. These tools also assist doctors in managing lab results and medical equipment, while granting them easy access to crucial patient information.

True power of chatbots for businesses

Technologies we use to fulfill any of your desires

Natural language processing

LangChain, Huging Face, SpaCy, NTLK, Llama2

ML frameworks

TensorFlow, PyTorch, Keras, Scikit-learn


AWS (Chatbot, Lex, Sage Maker, other), Microsoft Azure (Bot Framework, Cognitive Services, other), Google Cloud Platform (Dialogflow, Vertex AI, other)

LLM models

BERT, Falcon 40B, Galactica, LaMDA, Llama, Orca, PaLM, Phi-1