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Raising the Digital Bar in Professional Sports

Previously, we discussed how modern technology is being used to drive fan engagement. But decades before that practice took hold, athletes and teams were already incorporating digital technology to gain the extra centimeters and seconds that separate...

3 Things That Will Drive E-Learning in Healthcare

We believe the biggest potential of medical e-Learning in the US revolves around creating more personalized and engaging experiences for both educators and learners. We elaborated on the three key areas where this concept has the strongest impetus to...

Is Face Recognition the Key to a Safe and Responsible World?

The Promise of Accountability At least once in a while, each of us experiences the frustration of forgetting a password or showing up at customs without an ID. More worryingly still, millions of people lose money and private data every year as victims of...

Can Server-Side Ad Insertion Topple Ad Blockers in VoD?

The traditional client-side approach to VoD ad insertion (CSAI) typically goes like this: The browser sends a request to an ad server. The ad server responds with a VAST or VPAID document containing the link to an ad creative. The...