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How to Protect Your IoT Healthcare Devices from Data Breaching

Today, IoT devices have become an essential part of the healthcare industry. Experts estimate that U.S. hospitals possess around 10-15 millions of smart healthcare devices. While we allow the gadgets to make use of our sensitive patient data, many of us don't...

Should You Bring Augmented Reality into Your Marketing Equation?

The short answer is yes. But let’s dig a little deeper and see what battles digital advertisers are facing today and how augmented reality marketing can help them win. A recent Adobe study revealed a shift in consumer behavior, which manifests in a...

Solving Business Challenges With Object Recognition Software

Object detection and object recognition are some of the most frequently encountered tasks, or techniques, within the scope of computer vision. It’s not uncommon to see the terms used interchangeably but there is, in fact, a pronounced difference between...

Does Your Practice Need a Patient Portal?

Patient portals are commonly described as websites that give users access to their personal health information such as discharge summaries, lab results, and e-prescriptions — all pulled from the provider’s EHR. In addition to this basic...

How Traditional TV Is Reinventing Itself: 3 Trends to Watch

We are in the middle of streaming wars. It’s predicted that in five years’ time traditional TV will surrender to Netflix and Amazon, the new media superpowers. Disney rises to the challenge and buys 21st Century Fox, becoming the world's...

Native Video: The Next Survival Strategy for Digital Publishers?

What a hectic year 2017 has been for digital media publishers. Layoffs, stock fluctuations, failed revenue expectations and whatnot have created a rather bleak picture. More than ever, traditional text-first media companies showed their vulnerability in the...