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Leverage These MarTech Trends to One-Up The Competition

With everyone vying for consumer attention, it’s vital to keep a close eye on advances in business and technology. And, as savvy marketers know, whatever your strategies are, there is always room for improvement. Let's discuss some of the...

Machine Learning, the Hero Adtech Needs

Dentsu Aegis Network predicts that in 2018 digital will be the top media in terms of global advertising spend, taking over television for the first time. Digital is the future of advertising, no doubt about it, but it comes at the cost of new specific issues...

Connected Cars: What to Expect From Your Future Vehicle

A time-traveller from 1910s wouldn’t be too impressed by the sight of a regular modern sedan. Still no flying cars in the year 2017? What a waste. However, let this hypothetical sceptic inside to demonstrate what this unassuming vehicle can do...

What Imaging Tech Does Your Radiology Department Need?

Technology has gained a firm foothold in healthcare, equipping doctors with impactful solutions able to bolster patient care. Apart from revolutionizing therapy and cardiology departments, innovation is taking a deep dive into radiology. Experts in...