September 30, 2009

As we wrote in the previous post, structured information is the main Web Trend in 2009. Today we call your attention to the real examples, illustrating this tendency.


OpenCalais is probably the best representative of Linked Data (type of structured information maintained by W3C). Thomson Reuters, international business and financial news giant, launched API called OpenCalais in February, 2008. OpenCalais transforms unstructured HTML document in semantically labeled, organizing the information into groups: “people”, “places”, “companies” and others. Thus third-party applications and websites can use this processed information, creating new and interesting projects.

Google Rich Snippets

This year Google added a special function to its search engine, so called Rich Snippets. This function retrieves and displays useful information from Web sites using open standards for structured information, such as: microformats and RDFa. Launching this feature Google asked web application developers to mark their HTML code. Implementation of this technology will take a lot of time, but the fact that such large companies like Google are developing these services shows the growing importance of structuring information on the Internet. Meanwhile, other large companies are also moving in this direction, especially Yahoo.


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