November 1, 2008

Usually the term Web 3.0 is used to describe the derivative step of web development that follows Web 2.0. Web 2.0 software is associated with social networks and services based on the content generated by users. According to popular search engines, keywords, which are connected with the term web 3.0, are semantic web, commerce-on-demand systems, SOA architectures and 3D spaces.

Google’s CEO Eric Schmidt considers that Web 3.0 is a marketing term the same way as Web 2.0. And also, Web 3.0 is a new approach to web development, when different it services will be pieced together. The applications will be small, very fast, customizable, multiplatform and will be distributed by wire.

The data will be in a cloud (According to IEEE Computer Society: “It is a paradigm in which information is permanently stored in servers on the Internet and cached temporarily on clients that include desktops, notebooks, handhelds, etc”). The model of development of such applications greatly differs from the existed development models. It requires new development tools which are being developed now.

The term Web 3.0 has a marketing nature, but involves innovations and new approaches to web development.


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