September 18, 2009

This year Tim Berners-Lee said that the Internet is becoming more informational and now we are using information from the Internet rather more often than documents and files as it was before. W3C, the organization, which Tim Berners-Lee heads, supports two major initiatives that focused on making the Internet more informational: Semantic Web and the recent Linked Data.

Over the past few years we have seen some interesting examples of how to structure data and provide the possibility to use it. The best example of it is Twitter, which API is responsible for 90% of the service activity, thanks to third-party applications, of course.

The basic principle of the informational Internet formulated by Alex Iskold has not changed: Unstructured information will be structured and it will open the way to more reasonable use of the Internet. Web application developers should remember this rule and provide only easy-to-use and convenient applications to manage company documentation, processes, and workflows. Companies, on the other hand, should choose developers who offer only custom web application programming services with easy content management.


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